Dear members of parliament,
Perhaps my time in Kentucky does show a little, I didn’t live there merely visited. I don’t intend to offend though you do deserve offending especially when you call for an ethics probe into something you supported twice and a debate into something which probably was the cause of the axe attack on the Canadian soldier in Afghanistan. Lumpy Liberal sore losers, I think your attempts to smear our great leader should be brought to light that you might face the music of a firing squad you smearing drivel of feminist, homosexual, racists, and dopey world court servants. The United Nations sucks and blows like the Liberal special interest cesspool that it is and always has been. You stink Liberal, your leader wannabees are cross over Conservative, NDP, crossovers. No need for any ethics probe. I don’t think the ethics commissioner would know an ethic if he sat on one anyway. Sincerely Yours, Federally “unregulated” man, Like Stockwell Day m.p. ***** ****** ********, Ontario, Canada 20/03/06
P.S. Bob Rae should make a fine Liberal leader. I can’t wait too see Sunday shopping Bob in a Liberal tie, a turtleneck.


March 24, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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