Not tinker toys.

Dear members of parliament, 25/03/06
Our man Harper needs a majority but not by doing what Liberals do. Spending the federal bank account dry isn’t the way though his projects out east seem legitimate I smell vote purchasing this is the way of Brian Mulroney, Pierre Trudeau and Paul Martin not Preston Manning and Mike Harris.
If you spend proportionately in Quebec and Ontario you’ll be back in deficit again and that’s a very Liberal policy contrary to the president George Bush school of thought regarding spending and deficit, their fighting a global war on terrorism we are pandering to day-fare moms, abortion “rights” advocates, paedophiles ,pornographers and homosexuals.
Avoid tinkering with the military, it needs real funding but not for the sake of pandering to election day army supporters.
They need real equipment, real support, real submarines, real helicopters, not election promise tinker toys.
That will cost real money and we can’t afford national daycare, national health care, a five hundred billion dollar debt, new shoes for Alexa McDonough m.p., publicly funded Liberal Catholic schools and thirty billion dollars a year to pay on debt service, and a real military.
You need a majority, promising to lower the g.s.t. got you elected, my guess is lowering taxes on the working poor not increasing their welfare funding may win you a majority. I know it’s not that simple but..
Sincerely Yours,
***** ****** *******, Ontaio, Canada
Homeless and unemployed because the minister of Labour isn’t in charge of the Labour code the civil servants are and they don’t give a xxxx either.


March 25, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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