Taxes taxes taxes

To whom it may concern,
Canada’s GST income tax “rebate” program should be cancelled to save the government the cost of the program immediatly, and replaced by lower income taxes for the “working poor”. You do not need a GST rebate any longer if your lowering the GST.
Working people (welfare recipients, lower income and “working poor”) need the tax relief of lower income taxes more than they need child daycare spaces and welfare spending, please.
Why do average Canadians pay twice as much taxes as business’, while left wing “wacko’s” cry for more welfare spending to help the same people they are taxing into poverty ?
Sincerely Yours,
***** * ******
*******, Ontario, Canada 10/04/06
P.S. Because they want the votes that’s why.


April 10, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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