Chinese head cheese

Dear Members of parliament,
Isn’t there a “head taxâ€� on every immigrant that comes into Canada and shouldn’t the Canadian government apologize and make restitution” to them?
Why do we apologize to Chinese immigrants from who knows when and for who even knows what ?
Are we going to apologize to the Germans who were held in Canada as prisoners of war and the Irish who were treated like dogs and god forbid we don’t apolagize to the jews for there continual persecution by evil, when is our government going to apologize to me and my great grandfather for there welfare spending that has taxed us into bankruptcy?
Waiting patiently.
Sincerely Yours,
***** *******
********, Ontario, Canada
P.S.My other great granfather is a hundred and eighty years old and geting impatient waiting for a nine hundred year old apology from the Pope for his Catholic whore wife.


April 11, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics


  1. Yes there is a ‘head tax’ or fee on all immigrants today. But that’s basically an overhead or registration fee and that’s across the board for ALL immigrants. The chinese head tax 100 years ago was against the chinese only and people coming from other countries didnt have to pay such as tax. That’s what made it wrong.

    Comment by Peter | April 11, 2006

  2. How many 100 year old wrongs do we need to make restituion for? Canada and America are dieing to know how much restitution will be required to pay off the “Indians” for “wrongs” of one, two, three, four hundred years.
    Please tell us!Billions and billions? Just wondering, should we apologise for the wrongs of our ancestors back to adam and eve or the primordial stew? Or just to the Chinese and Japanese?

    Comment by blanks57 | April 11, 2006

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