Five days of unpaid "orientation" and Canada’s ministry of Labour.

Dear members of parliament,
Our federal ministry of Labour has refused to enforce the Canada Labour code concerning their own hours of work definition.
You need to make sure your employees, who are being paid with my tax dollars, are doing their job and enforcing the Labour code.
Or be sued, for the damages.
The hours of work definition Is 002 defines “orientation” time as hours of work that must be paid by all employers, with an exception for those already employed who volunteer to take additional training with their employer.
I am owed over one thousand dollars by employers who refused to pay me for orientation time because the federal ministry of labour employees refuse to enforce the definition of the hours of work definition.
The law suit I file is going to include individuals (some ministers) and you can’t afford to pay the cost of my lawyers and your own.
Sincerely Yours,
****** *******
*******, Ontario, Canada
P.S. I have estimated the gross revenue loss to the trucking industry in Canada due to government negligence, incompetence and fraud at over one hundred and fifty billion dollars. I simply multiplied the loss I know of times a factor of ten to get that figure.The truth is truckers are bleeding red ink and have been due to government incompetence for thirty or more years, the laws are there but their not being enforced.
Just what you need a big ol three hundred billion dollar class action law suit because someone wouldn’t do there job when I needed them to. I mean the labour board officer who was supposed to be working for me not the corporation.
Have you heard that Canadian employees pay twice as much federal income tax as Canadian business?”


April 19, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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