Person to person.


Dear member of parliament, honourable minister,Chairwoman, Chairman, Chairperson, Gperson,

There is a progression there that isn’t very conservative.

I’ ll call this Liberal progressive Conservatism.

Or communism.

Chairperson is an invented generic word used inappropriately and incorrectly by STUPID people who follow STUPID rules and should never be allowed to hold STUPID public office.

Gperson has a headache, he/she/? is owed over four hundred thousand dollars because of unenforced Canada labour and revenue law, and may soon need to apply for welfare or worse Employment Insurance, please any donations made to said Gperson should be made payable to *. ******, certified cheques and money orders from Canada Treasury would be only appropriate form of payoff ……….I mean payment.
PO box 543, *******, Ontario, Canada.

Please hurry.

Sincerely Yours,
****** * *******
*******, Ontario, Canada

P.S. Or you could start enforcing the laws that already exist including labour and revenue law as it applies to the federally regulated trucking industry.
Wow what a day that would be.
You could also fix the misappropriation or theft by over taxation of the working poorer tax code.
Then fire that (the) damned judge off his bench who changed tax law to make child support nontaxable by the recipient, and then change the law back to the way it was before the STUPID judge changed it from his court room.That’s not a human rights issue, what a stupid person. The working poorer tax system is a human rights issue, a real one Libby, Jack, Alexa, Scott, Real. STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID


April 21, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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