Liberal welfare promises bankrupting a nation.

Dear member of parliament, honourable minister,
Canada’s national child daycare and national health care welfare plans are being bankrolled on the backs of those who pay the vast majority of the taxes in this country, the working poor, not millionaires and billion dollar corporations.
In light of resent news that Canadians pay twice as much net federal income tax as Canadian business and presuming this an actual fact as reported, then you need to take drastic measures to fix this Liberal mess.
Business taxes would first have to be increased by one hundred percent to have equal taxation. This could more easily be achieved by lowering employee taxes by fifty percent and increasing business taxes by fifty percent, and since payroll taxes are a business expense the actual cost of higher taxes to business would be greatly offset by the lower payroll taxes.
I think I have given you the meat and potatoes you figure out how to serve it.
Tax equality. This is something “Liberal” voters in Ontario would really appreciate.
The gross misappropriation of taxes by the previous Liberal government that built its majorities on fairness and equality needs to be rectified.
Do not tinker though, fix it or go play in the street.
Yours Truly,
***** *. ******
********, Ontario, Canada
*** *** P.S. Do not forget to lower your base m.p. salaries by fifty percent and eliminate m.p. pensions until twenty years of service. This will save Canadians millions and millions of tax dollars.
Interest rates are on the rise, get that five hundred billion dollar federal debt payed down.


April 25, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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