When do "Quebecer’s" go bilingual ?

Dear members of Canada’s federal parliament, honourable minister,
I have noticed that Ontario has most of it’s highway signs in french and English, and that Quebec’s are all in french. Doe’s Quebec’s provincial parliament operate and enforce bilingualism or is that just for the rest of Canadians?
Have “Quebecers” heard of the Treaty of Paris 1763?
Have not Canadians gone too far for this minority in our society?
I would like to recommend that the prime minister not grant any special favour to Quebec but instead insist that Quebec begin to enforce federal bilingualism, and that it should be wise and prudent for the prime minister to begin removing “Quebecers” from Canada’s armed forces, beginning with senior officers.
Yours Truly,
***** *******
*******, Upper Canada


April 26, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics


  1. Provinces are free to set their own language policy. Only the federal government and the province of New Brunswick are officially bilingual. NB’s status is enshrined in the Constitution. The other provinces either have no official language (but the dominant language is English and offer services in French) or have made English their official language but still offer services to varying degrees in French, and in the case of Quebec, is officially French, but with services in English.

    Comment by Jo | April 26, 2006

  2. Well that’s good to know, now if we could just convince the human rights courts all would be well.

    Comment by blanks57 | April 26, 2006

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