I support nuclear power.

Dear member of parliament,
I hope that Ontario will go green and avoid any more nuclear generators and that the federal government will buy the armed forces up to date equipment including nuclear powered (not nuclear weapons) equipment if needed.
Nuclear power is not really green power, but could serve a purpose to better equip Canada’s military equipment, ie submarines, ships, ?.
We need to get away from buying second hand junk (junk submarines that don’t work) and keeping fifty year old helicopters.
You may need to set aside a few billion dollars in the budget for new sea king helicopters and maybe some real bullets.
Is the fifty plus billion dollar federal E.I. surplus a secret or something because I do not hear any mention from anyone about this (extreme) surplus of employee’s and employer’s dollars ?
Sincerely Yours,
**** ******
** *** ***
*******, Ontario, Canada
*** ***
P.S. The softwood lumber deal isn’t looking very good for Canada, so much for free trade.
We should put a tarriff on some of the U.S. subsidized imports to Canada and do what they did, lose every WTO and NAFTA ruling then do what we feel like, free trade ?????. I’m very disappointed with the U.S. over this rip off.


April 28, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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