Federal score: Conservatives 120%, BQ 10%, Liberals 0%, NDP ?

Dear new democratic member of parliament,
Your party should more rightly be called the SIP., special interest party, because you really do not represent Canadian labour or average working people , though you try very hard to portray such.
You spend too much time lieing and looking for little Hitlers to be considered legitimate and should in my opinion be cast out of parliament along with your previous number one supporter Buzz Hargrove.
You want to make anyone who doesn’t agree with you a racist or a criminal if you can, that just proves how low and debased your party is that it supports this kind of slinking behaviour.
I find your party politics disturbing and unjust to the standard of the real New Democrat’s who defend workers and labourers not special interest fly by night schemer’s who use you to abuse the parliament of Canada.
Sincerely Yours,
“Homophobic”, “sexist”, “racist”, “bigot”
“Homeless” person, w/shelter now that I have sold my car to pay the
The NDP have not done anything except lie. Child daycare
funding is one good example, surplus tax dollars are not for fairy tale
spending promises.
* , Ontario, Canada,


May 10, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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