"Quebec is a Nation"

This federal government has pandered not to the debased and perverse as our previous federal government(s) this government must pander to Quebecer’s.
I DO NOT see making “Quebec a Nation” listed as one of the Conservative party’s top five priorities for Canada ! Sorry, did I miss something ?
I did not see any need whatsoever for the Conservative party of Canada to conspire with the Bloc Quebecois to maintain government. Governments should succeed or fail on merit, ours has failed.
“Quebec is a Nation”, these are the words of Canada’s prime minister heard by me, myself and I Friday May 05, 2006.
No word on Quebecer’s leaving Canada’s parliament and military, paying off their share of the federal debt or having their federal welfare cut off.
No, just “Quebec is a Nation” happy days.
Must be nice for Quebec to have the cake, their neighbour’s cake, the icing and eat it too. c voo play


May 10, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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