Werner pEtAls and the three S’s.

He actualy thinks we read his stuff.
I know it is painful to read the scribblings of a publicly educated Ontarian, but isn’t it enough that you chastise myself without posting to the blog exchange.
That is just cheap and something I would find more apropriate from an Alberta shit shoveler or hyphenated racist.
Remember Queen Ralph’s famous words next time Dr. Vernor, shoot shovel AND SHUTUP.

Get lost, troll
You are not welcome on my blog. You don’t comply with the site’s comment policy, and so any message you post will be deleted. Since you cannot comment like a reasonable adult and always have to resort to foul language and insults, you will not be allowed to participate.
In other words, get lost, you troll, and grow up.
Werner Patels


May 11, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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  1. Remimds me of my ex wife with his intended demeaning slanderous drool.

    Comment by blanks57 | May 13, 2006

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