Are the Bloc Quebecois a party of “racists”?


Dear member of parliament,

I see the Conservative government has a majority of the support in recent polls, over 40% of Canadians support the present federal government.

Good news because I support just about every thing this government stands for. Bad news because I’m reminded of previous governments in this country that won a majority election after election and would still be have a majority government if one of their own hadn’t pulled the plug on their great Chair(person).

This present government has betrayed Canadians by giving the racist french only Quebec separatist movement more legitimacy by allowing Quebec to have it’s own say at UNESCO.
I do not think that the average Canadian realizes what that means, and that this present federal government has said that “Quebec is a Nation”.

I know the Official Opposition or the N.D.P. can hardly raise a voice against this because of the years of avoiding the separatists and their preferred “N.a.z.i.” hunting in all the wrong places.

I see no reason for french separatists to be awarded for their constant racist, phobic, demands of a distinct society and special treatment ahead of all other provinces. The separatist movement isn’t about giving Quebecer’s equality with other provinces, this is about giving Quebecer’s equality with the federal government apart from the federal government while remaining in Canada’s federal government.


Where do you go from there.

The only “cure” I see is too demand that Quebecer’s be removed from Canada’s federal offices, military and RCMP and stop funding the province of Quebec with federal tax dollars then ask the Bloc Quebecois to kindly leave Canada’s federal parliament and then declare war upon the “Nation of the Quebecois” and finish what they started and already finished once before, (1763).

Sincerely Yours,
* , Ontario, Canada

Franco-racist Quebecer’s


May 23, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics


  1. No comments,
    I think that’s because Canada and Canadians are such leaders in the area’s of political astuteness and world governing.

    Comment by blanks57 | May 24, 2006

  2. This post stinks of anglo-saxon imperialism. You are a negationist and very probably, a racist.

    It’s ironic though that you accuse the Bloc of being Nazis (SIC) while at the same time you promote the eradication of french speakers, sounds familiar?

    If it weren’t for people like you, the Bloc wouldn’t exist because there would be no need to vote for them.
    You just made more decided to vote for them.

    Comment by jasmincormier | September 22, 2008

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