This should be made illegal in Canada within the next twenty four hours. Chretien could..

Dear member(s) of parliament,

No Business, Corporation or Company in Canada should be allowed to sell a product with a chip that can be tracked outside of the store, after the product has been legally purchased.

This needs to be stopped immediately .

Yours Truly,
*, ON

OTTAWA – Major corporations in Canada have quietly started using implanted radio chips to track the movement of products and their secretive behaviour and potential for using the technology to invade the private lives of Canadians has raised serious alarm with the federal privacy commissioner.
The technology, called radio frequency identification, or RFID, is poised to radically expand the ability of corporations to spy on customers’ shopping habits, track items in homes and allow the government to monitor the movement of immigrants.
Carly Weeks, CanWest News ServicePublished: Monday, May 29, 2006


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Publicly funding private religious schools.

Dear premier of Ontario,

As a taxpayer and voter of the province of Ontario I would like to make known to you that I do support the cancelling of the Ontario private school tax credit for parents.

Catholic children meanwhile are being educated with public tax dollars while Catholic parent’s are being allowed to direct their public school taxes to their own private school board (Separate school board). As far as I know this is exclusive to Catholic’s and Catholic schools in this province.

I have noted that Kieth Norton president of the Ontario human rights commission did support your cancelling of the Ontario private school tax credit and did condemn the private school tax credit as discriminating against the public school system, while condoning publicly funding private Roman Catholic schools.

Mr. Premier would you agree that my above statement’s are fair and truthful as concerning the facts and that the government of Ontario is guilty of discriminating against all other private schools in the province of Ontario, and that the Catholic Church as a result of the provincial funding of its private schools is in receipt of public tax dollars and should therefore lose it’s status as a tax exempt charity in the province of Ontario ?

Sincerely Yours,
Not Anonymous
*, Ontario, Canada

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