Liberal vote pandering.


Dear members of parliament,

In the last two previous federal elections the Liberal’s through purely political vote pandering passed a hate crimes law, made same sex marriage legal, propped up a useless Kyoto treaty and spent five billion dollars on an undo-able national child care plan.

The cost to the citizens of this country for this political vote pandering is immeasurable and utterly destructive to a civilized society. Along with political correctness and anti -“racism” this country’s future could be doomed.

Our present government has in my opinion followed the careless and reckless example set by the previous Liberals in selling out Quebec and failing to lower taxes on workers in their budget.

In short, Canada is becoming a useless cesspool for delinquents and perverts, thanks to Liberals and I consider Brian Mulroney PM to have been a Liberal.

Canada’s new hate crimes law makes every citizen of this country a criminal, no exception which is great if your a “barrel sucking” police person.

Feminist’s and homosexuals beware, they may come after me first but you are the real haters. Feminists hate “inequality “, homosexuals hate “Christians” .

Pandering politicians cost us more than just billions of dollars.

I have heard that a Reverend was charged with a hate crime for teaching from the Bible that homosexuality is a sin.

I guess police and the human rights experts forgot about the constitutional right to freedom of religion, the Bible is a religious book, and anyone can tell you that homosexuality like adultery and murder even more so than vote pandering is sin according to the Holy Bible.

I would suggest the police get busy and start enforcing this pathetic law passed into law by a pathetic panderer who should in my opinion be the first one to be charged, for hating to pay his taxes while owner of CP ships. Something tells me that like Svend Robinson mp, he might also hate children in-utereu, because he supports abortion which is government sponsored genocide. Or how about the GST does he hate the GST, because scrapping the GST could cause harm to the revenue of Canada and hence to national child care and hence you could be a hate criminal if you hate the GST.

Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. No hating allowed Mr. Paul Martin mp, I’ll be keeping a watch on you for any signs of hate, such as hating Americans, which could be detrimental to all Canadians and hence a hate crime under Canadian law.


June 9, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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