Poltical Pandering.


Dear member of parliament,

I am still waiting for my apology and redress for over twenty years of negligence and employment discrimination by the federal ministry’s of labour and revenue.

I am not a minority pandering with the support of the NDP, C.A.W. and limp Liberals so therefore I doubt that I or any others in my position, there are thousands in this country, shall ever see a penny of what is truly owed to them.

The Chinese came here knowing that they had to pay this head tax why should there be redress for them?

This was not an act of racism because the government had to control the number of immigrants coming into this country because there weren’t enough jobs for them all, nothing racist or wrong with what the government did.

The head tax applied to Chinese not because of any racist bent but to keep out the Chinese labourers because they weren’t needed as they had been previously.

The head tax amounted to two years wages is outrages but who forced them to pay it ?

No one, they came here voluntarily knowing they would have to pay the head tax.

Politicians pandering anti- racism on behalf of greedy immigrants and useless politicians that’s all this Chinese head tax apology and redress is.

Dear member of parliament where is my apology and redress for twenty two years of criminal theft by my employer’s , because of you, amounting to over four hundred thousand dollars in my case alone.

There are many others in my position and I do not hear Jack Layton mp, Olivia Chow mp, Libby Davies mp, the nations corporate unions the NDP or Liberals doing any thing to correct this very real problem that does exist.

This is not a fantasy invented by those who faced hardship willingly sixty or a hundred years ago.

See you in court.

When I sue you for knowingly disseminating lies with the intention of defrauding the taxpayers of Canada.

Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


June 23, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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