Separatist Quebecer’s are Anglophobic Hate Criminals.


Dear member of parliament,

“Quebecois”, “Franco-Canadians”, Quebecers say that they are special people who should be treated special by the rest of Canada, because they do speak french while most Canadians do not.

The NDP and separatists want Quebec to be a distinct society, “special” “outstanding” “superior” to all other provinces and territories and want the prime minister to officially recognize Quebec as a nation.

I think that the NDP and Jack Layton mp need to read the hand guide to equality and anti-racism because Quebec’s wantoness for nationhood strikes of anglophobic racism under Canada’s new hate crimes law.

The majority of Quebecers voted against separation, the rest are anglophobic, anti-Canadian, franco-separatist racists.

Quebecers and francophone’s are not mistreated by Canada in fact I would say that non french Canada has bent over backward to keep Quebec and “french-Canadians” satisfied, to no end.

Canada should stop bending over backward for Quebec separatistism and national bilingual policy should be dropped, the metric system erased from Canada and Quebecers allowed to be as french and franco in the province of Quebec as they wish to be (as is the case already) without any federal assistance or interference.

I should write more about Jack Layton mp, Gilles Duceppe mp and Pat Hoy Liberal mpp and their franco-separatist anglophobic hatred of anglo Quebecers in the future.

Sincerely Yours,
*,Ontario, Canada


June 27, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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