Tax funding tax exempt charities.

28/08/2006 (final version and complaint 07/09/06)

Dear minister of finance, the honourable James Flaherty m.p.,

The Province of Ontario does fund Catholic religious “separate” schools with public tax dollars to the exclusion of all other private “separate” schools.

Is this illegal intolerant religious hate discrimination ?

I have noted that the President of the Ontario Human Rights Commission Kieth Norton and the Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty mpp have spoken out against affording a tax credit for the parents of children who attend other than Catholic private separate schools, and that Dalton McGuinty mpp and Kieth Norton president of the O.H.R.C. are against publicly funding education that could detract from the Ontario Public School System.

The Province of Ontario does continue to fund the private religious education of this particular tax exempt charity, the Catholic Church, to the exclusion of all other Church’s and or religions.

Is this a hate crime by definition of Canada’s hate crime’s law ?

This letter may be considered my ( 2Nd to Canada’s minister of justice) formal complaint of religious hate by Kieth Norton president of the Ontario Human Rights Commission and the Province of Ontario for religious hate discrimination.

I do not know the appropriate authority to complain to of this religious “hate” discrimination, the O.H.R.C. or the Attorney General of Ontario ?

I should therefore forward this email to the R.C.M.P., the Ontario human rights commission and have filed a complaint, Sept.07/2006, with the Canada human rights commission.

Yours Truly,
*, Ontario, Canada
emailed 07/09/06

From the minister of Justice

Dear * ,
On behalf of Minister Vic Toews, I would like to acknowledge receipt of the copy of your c.c. email subject: Religious hate and discrimination.
Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Eileen Mongeon
Office of the Honourable Vic Toews, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
Cabinet de l’honourable Vic Toews, Ministre de la Justice et procurer général du Canada
Tel/Tél: (613) 992-3128
Fax: (613) 995-1049

From the CHRC

Thank you for your e-mail of September 7, 2006, sent to our

We have reviewed the details of your request for assistance and must
inform you that the Canadian Human Rights Commission is not able to
provide the help you require. Our enabling legislation, the Canadian
Human Rights Act, empowers the Commission to investigate allegations of
discrimination in employment and in the provision of services, within
federal jurisdiction only. This would exclude the matter in question.

Rather, the issue you raise, as you have clearly identified (that is,
the service provider in question) falls within provincial jurisdiction.
To that end, I was going to suggest that you contact the Ontario Human
Rights Commission; however, I note that you have already contacted that
agency as well as the Office of the Attorney-General. You may wish to
also contact the following:

Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario
Tel: 1-800-263-1830 TTY: 1-866-411-4211
Fax: 1-416-586-3485

I haven't actualy filed a complaint with the OHRC yet.

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Hello Austin

I’ve noticed a large increase in “”Fans“” since sending this “”email “” to Steve“, Powers
Perhaps you’ve noticed my newest invention Austin,
I call it …. “
Satellite” .
Mini-me is getting wise to you Powers,
help me out here a little Austin, we may have a little “”flaw“” here somewhere …. where is ”
: 1 ” it doesn’t seem to show on my list of “”World States“”, ……..
we don’t want to “”get ugly“” now do we

Oh, don’t blame it on Canada….. Eh…..

Soon I shall be moving on “”Austin””, to “Blogger Beta” which should be the “”The Mother of All”” movements or who knows
maybe even a new trailer

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All of my Ex’s do not live in Texas

* wrote:

Okay I didn’t answer your email because I was going through some shit. Someone stole my bank cards/ credit cards etc… and racked them up. I am covered for this kind of fraud but it has put me way behind financially. I was trying to figure out how much you owe me. Yes you have almost paid back the $15000 I LENT YOU ( how short the memory). I have about $2500 outstanding on that. *’s university bills are over $20000 and you haven’t paid a cent of those. Plus all those years when you were *, making good money and paying a paltry $150 a month because I didn’t want to push it. So… it’s up to you. You can fall off the face of the earth if you want but you asked me to give you an accounting of what you owe. I need any money you can send.

my reply:

I don’t owe for education other than the child support that I’m required to pay by law, which if I remember correctly is actualy 200.00 per month not 150.00 or the 300.00 to 400.00 that I was actually paying to you. Your absent mindedness is very apparent and probably how you lost your bank cards, sorry to hear that. Your asking me for money ? Your mom just left you enough money to buy a house outright for yourself and your asking me for money? As far * is concerned I am not resposible for ANY of his education or ANY other costs associated according to our agreement, except for the monthly amount I am required to pay you, correct me if I’m wrong. Be sure to have your lawyer contact my Bankruptcy trustee in * ON. I’m sure I gave you their address. I would send you money for * if I had any, I guess you must of spent the inheiritance your parents left you, too bad, sorry to hear that.

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Creepy Crawlers

To: info@dailycanuck.comS


Subject: Gperson

Hi, I noticed that you have a very nice blog site full of up to date pertinant and original information, your template does remind me of a certain news site that sprang to life resently on the internet.

Honestly I looked up domain registration and couldn’t afford it nor had a credit card to do so even if I could afford to.

I don’t intend to contest the name with you and am flattered to some degree that you stole my name for a legitimate commercial enterprise.

Google records should be ample proof if you should decide not to share my name with me at any time in the future.

Lets not go there. looks like a good site with minimal advertisments.

Is there ” No Honour Among Thieves” ?

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Ontario Conservatives support federal Liberal leadership.

August 23, 2006

Dear Conservative MP,

Andrew Pringle, has given the maximum allowable financial contribution to one of your rival Party delegate’s for the leadership of the federal Liberal Party of Canada.

According to “Andrew Pringle” the Ontario Progressive Conservatives’ Head political fund raiser, the federal Conservatives do not support health care or have any women in their caucus’ and therefore he is forced to support a rival candidate, Liberal Carolyn Bennett.

I found this article with direct quotes from Andrew Pringle head Ontario Conservative fund raiser in the Tuesday August 22 edition of the Toronto Sun newspaper.

Andrew Pringle, chairman of the PC Ontario Fund, sent Carolyn Bennett’s Liberal leadership campaign a $5,400 cheque this spring.

Pringle’s daughter, Catherine, works in the office of Ontario PC Leader John Tory mpp.

“I gave money to an individual who I think has something very valuable to say about health care,” said Pringle. “I also wanted to see women represented in the debates of one of the leading parties of the country.”

Personally I do think that Mr. Tory mpp and the Ontario Progressive Conservative Partys’ true colours are shining through and believe this is an issue worthy of consideration by those who may Ally themselves with this Ontario Neo-Liberal clan.

Why should Ontarians send money to support the Conservative’s only to see them supporting the federal Liberals ?

Yours Truly,
*, Ontario

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Gilles Duceppe BQ. MP defends terrorists.


Dear member of parliament,

At least Gilles Duceppe m.p. is honest with his electors and true to his parties platform of subversion and Quebecois treason.

More of our Liberal and NDP members should be as bold and clear in their opinions so that Canadian voters will know who stands for what, I think that the prime minister has been very clear in his stand regarding civilian murdering suicide bombers.

Liberal and NDP members do not seem to be sure of the reason that Hezbollah is considered a terrorist organization.

I would like to recommend to them rertirement from Canadian public service as soon as is possible.

The senility is showing.

Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario

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Muhammed aint even funny.

Maybe some Danish reading computer literate person could make use of this title link.

I can not read Danish but I think this is the original Muhammed cartoon article that raised all the fuss.

South Park has nothing to fear from these cartoons as near as I can tell.

If christians behaved the same way as muslims toward the book , the Davinci Code, wouldn’t the World be in flames ?

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Win a Majority.


Dear the honourable James Flaherty m.p., minister of finance,

The separatist movement is as strong as ever in Quebec and seemingly growing in support.

I would like to offer that a budget that does include removing Canadian minimum wage
earners and low income workers from the federal tax rolls would gain more support for your party and government than any separatist placating could possibly ever accomplish.

I am sure though that Ralph Klein m.p.p., Alberta -Separatist, does appreciate all of the hard work being done by the Separatist’s in this country, though these contribute little or nothing to Canada or the Canadian standard of living.

North American auto factories and hence Canadian jobs are being lost because our federal government does allow unfair trade from foreign countries that do not allow free import of north American automobiles into their country ie. Japan, this should also be addressed.

Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario

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CBC needs the NRA .


Dear honourable minister of heritage and women’s special issues, Bev Oda mp,

I think the CBC should no longer spend public money spreading the french language in this country and needs to be reshaped from the ground up, to include a balance in its broadcasting.

All of its programing should be suspended until this racist broadcaster gets off its left wing tirade of special interest and spread of communist ideology.

For overnight programing I would like to suggest World Net Daily, Rush Limbaugh and NRA radio as foreign content replacements.

Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario

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Incredible members of parliament.


Dear member of parliament,

Canada’s courts and human rights commissions have erred in determining homosexuals to be a persecuted minority, the result of a perverted few who have intentionally and wilfully undermined the Constitution of Canada.

I suggest that this behaviour be re-criminalized by our government(s) immediately and that any resistance by the courts should be met with severity.

Homosexuals are not a legitimate visible minority and should not be treated as such, they are perverts who were either born perverts or became perverts, much like Nazi’s, some were born Nazi’s some were converts, some just went along for the ride.

Homosexuals are perverts by choice any opinion to the contrary is just that, opinion.

Same sex marriage on the other hand is good for our society and should remain, so that Garth Turner mp and John Baird mp can still have the privilege of marriage and equality and eat there cake too.

Any judge in this country who says otherwise should be elected to political office and given a raise in salary. (If you understood this then you should vote yourself another raise.)

Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario,

P.S. I wonder how marriage can be redefined because its unconstitutional while funding Catholic schools must be allowed because it is constitutional ?

Demented justice’s.

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A.I.D.S. is a male homosexual disease.


Dear member of parliament,

Contrary to our publicly funded CBC radio A.I.D.S. has been proven to be caused by perverted, unhealthy living habits, like cancers and diseases caused by smoking.

Unfortunatly this disease unlike other diseases caused by unhealthy living habits such as smoking can be be transferred to innocent victims, which is the real reason a.i.d.s. is a public menace. A.i.d.s. in North America should have been wiped out and is only a threat to the very irrespsonsible and of course the innocent few who are incidently infected by carriers who were once only homosexuals, intraveinous drug abusers and Haitians.

Smoking causes far more death and destruction, yet no convention, only doctors and a health care system that shows little care for those affected by the ravages of a government sponsored tobacco industry.

Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario

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Harper Rules.

I still support the Conservative party as the only real political party.

In spite of their weakness in dealing with Quebec.

In spite of a lame Liberal raise taxes on the poor to pay for child daycare subsidies budget.

In spite of the limp “Conservatives” in the ranks who support same pervert marriage and government sponsored genocide.

In spite of allowing a Liberal traitor to hold a cabinet seat and a weak softwood lumber deal that see’s Canadians paying for American lawyers.

The sad part is they are still the best, by far, of any of the federal parties, hands down, no question.

I do not like liberals who pretend to support the Conservative party only to withdraw their support to give an appearance of disgruntledness.

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Law and Disorder


Dear member of parliament of the former federation of Canada,

While you are still there pretending to govern a country I thought I should mention that Canada’s federally regulated trucking industry and London Ontario cab companies are still working ILLEGALLY by contracting there Employee’s out as independents contrary to the LAW and with your consent.

Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario

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To busy jew baiting ?


Dear sitting member of the former federation of Canada’s parliament,

I see that you still perpetuate the myth of the federal nation of Canada and do wonder why taxpayers must go on funding your fairy tale ?

While everyone else is watching the middle east and the conflict in Lebanon I thought I would wright to you pointing out how the Quebecois and Hezbollah have much in common.

Except Quebec doesn’t have to fire a shot, kidnap a soldier, or blowup a single jet plane.

Business as as usual from our federal friends.

When is the Bloc Quebecois going to be seen for what it really is and Quebecers for what they really are, rebels.?

When will they lose their privilege to vote in our federal parliament, when will you stop funding the Quebec separatists and bilingualism ?

When will they be seen as the terrorists that they truly are ?

Why is our federal government pretending to exist when it has already been overthrown by the separatists (terrorists) ?

Hoping the the premier’s will wake up soon.

Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario

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April Fools !


Dear member of parliament,

A hundred and forty seven thousand a year plus twenty six thousand dollars for expenses, plus plus plus plus plus,

Who do you think your fooling ?

I demand that you vote yourselves a fifty percent pay cut and cancel all your perks and tax free allowances immediately.

Oh yes, I just remembered, you are an illegitimate federal government standing in pretence.

I think we can do better than just cancel the tax free allowances.

As you are now a illegitimate government, re: my previous correspondence concerning the overthrow of legitimacy by Quebec and Albertan separatists in our federal government, my correspondence shall no longer be post fixed with an address or signature

A crimianal investigation would require federal assistance.

The province of Ontario should be takeing apropriate steps to safeguard itself from the possible use of force against its citizens by these perverse separatist rebels.

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