Ontario Conservatives support federal Liberal leadership.

August 23, 2006

Dear Conservative MP,

Andrew Pringle, has given the maximum allowable financial contribution to one of your rival Party delegate’s for the leadership of the federal Liberal Party of Canada.

According to “Andrew Pringle” the Ontario Progressive Conservatives’ Head political fund raiser, the federal Conservatives do not support health care or have any women in their caucus’ and therefore he is forced to support a rival candidate, Liberal Carolyn Bennett.

I found this article with direct quotes from Andrew Pringle head Ontario Conservative fund raiser in the Tuesday August 22 edition of the Toronto Sun newspaper.

Andrew Pringle, chairman of the PC Ontario Fund, sent Carolyn Bennett’s Liberal leadership campaign a $5,400 cheque this spring.

Pringle’s daughter, Catherine, works in the office of Ontario PC Leader John Tory mpp.

“I gave money to an individual who I think has something very valuable to say about health care,” said Pringle. “I also wanted to see women represented in the debates of one of the leading parties of the country.”

Personally I do think that Mr. Tory mpp and the Ontario Progressive Conservative Partys’ true colours are shining through and believe this is an issue worthy of consideration by those who may Ally themselves with this Ontario Neo-Liberal clan.

Why should Ontarians send money to support the Conservative’s only to see them supporting the federal Liberals ?

Yours Truly,
*, Ontario


August 22, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics


  1. What an idiotic statement.

    Andy Pringle is RELATED to the MP in question.

    If my cousin was running for the leadership of a major political party I would help them as well.

    Its a donation. He didnt join the party and vote for her.

    Comment by Anonymous | August 24, 2006

  2. hi anonymous you again,

    “What an idiotic statement.Andy Pringle is RELATED to the MP in question”

    1st. The MP really isn’t the one in question at all “anon.” the MPP is.”Idiot”.

    2nd. You think it is o.k. for the head Conservative fund raiser to give his own money to support a Liberal leader wannabe because they are related.

    3rd. You scare me.”Idiot”, because your allowed to vote. “Idiot”

    Comment by Blanks57 | August 25, 2006

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