Belinda Stronach billionaire mp, sex-trade-worker or just another prostitute?

Dear member of Canada’s parliament,
I see that one of our m.p.’s is in the news again for less than ambassador like qualities.Belinda Stronach mp is on the top headline of the London Free Press this morning involved as the other women in a divorce scandal with a professional hockey player.
Belinda Stronach m.p. has previously been mentioned in the news as having spent a weekend in New York City with Bill Clinton, foreign dignitary and the previous President of the United States.
Ms. Stronach m.p. was also involved with a fellow member of parliament Peter McKay m.p. now Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.
If I could ask a question of our elected representative in the house of commons, it would be why is this harlot still sitting as an elected representative for her riding and could an election recall be implemented by a challenger to her riding to dispense with this vile piece of s*** and or atleast should/could she be censured by the ethics commissioner and/or fellow m.p.’s for this outrages, unethical and “border line” criminal behaviour by an elected member of parliament ?
Yours Truly
*, Ontario, Canada
Uppity date : Poor thing. How could the Magna heiress possibly expect that carrying on an affair with a married, well-known Toronto Maple Leaf may turn into a public soap opera?”,


September 26, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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