I PaY TwiCe as much as you, Corp. / Inc.

Dear member of parliament,
If I could ask a question of you regarding the working class in Canada it is why are we forced to pay twice as much federal income tax as Canada’s business, as was recently reported in the News?
This federal double taxation of Canada’s workers may be causing stress to the individual which could lead to what I would term electoral brain damage.In that I believe only the mentally ill or brain damaged, excluding real morons of course, could vote for those who cut taxes to themselves while promoting an atmosphere of compassion of or for the taxpayer.
I am reminded of Canada’s largest progressive government’s implosion and defeat to the hand’s of a cruel dictator and effeminate loitering hypocrite.
Perhaps you could consider doing something for the working class or the “working poor” whom do seem forgotten, regardless of political stripe once elected to top two per cent wage earner class.Possibly it has not occurred to our elected governor(s), past or present, that fifty percent of one hundred seventy thousand dollars a year is not as much money as fifty percent of thirty thousand dollars on a per ca-pita percentage of gross taxable income.
No, I haven’t yet stayed at a Holiday Inn Express or have a degree in Economics but I did work a summer for H&R Block.
Your toying with pretend “tax cuts” is annoying to me.Honestly.
Possibly, you could revisit the fifty-fifty option I did lend and relieve Canada’s “working class” of the grievous NDP, Liberal, Progressive, tax burden which may presently cause much grief (stress) to one and all citizen’s of this country.
Yours Truly
*, Ontario, Canada

Dear Mr. blanks57:Thank you for your correspondence of September 28, 2006, which was also referred by your Member of Parliament, Mr. *, regarding personal income tax relief.As I mentioned in my September 6, 2006 correspondence, Budget 2006 proposed tax relief measures that will leave significantly more money in the pockets of Canadians. With these measures, we are not only keeping our word to Canadians on reducing the Goods and Services Tax (GST), we are going much further in delivering immediate, real, and continuing results for people across the country. Canada’s new Government’s tax relief plan provides almost $20 billion in tax relief for individuals over the 2006­07 and 2007­08 fiscal years ? more than the preceding four budgets combined. Our tax relief plan will also remove some 655,000 people from the income tax rolls. As a result, Canadians across all income groups can expect to be better off. Department of Finance officials and I are continually reviewing tax matters. We recognize the need to ensure that the existing system is as fair and as current as possible. In this regard, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.Thank you for communicating your concerns.
Sincerely,James M. Flahertyc.c.: Mr. *, M.P.


September 28, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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