St Georges Cross c 1277 A D

Continental Americas first European flag John Cabot for Henry VII 1497 AD

Canada’s coat of arms might be updated to include St Georges Cross in favour of the ‘fleur de lis‘ to more accurately portray and respect first discovery of His Majesty’s “New Founde Land” and Treaty of Paris 1763

Englands St.Georges Cross, c. 1277 A.D.

Canada and Continental Americas first European flag, 1497 .

Prior to the discovery of South America by Spain’s explorer Christopher Columbus, 1498.

Thirty seven years previous to the arrival of the Royal Banner of France, “fleur de lis“,1534.

Though Columbus for Spain should receive full credit for the European discovery of the “West Indies”, 1492.

‘According to the laws of discovery in force at that time, when a country discovered an island, that entire island belonged to that country.
Since the New World was ONE CONTINENT or landmass from north to south, John Cabot’s claim of first discovery extends to the entire New World.
Christopher Columbus can claim the islands of Santo Domingo, Cuba and the Caribbean Islands but that is all.’

If King’s had email
Dear King’s Henry III
Edward I
Henry VII
of England
Found on the Internet this news and consider a note of thanks in order and day of holiday grateful for the freedoms employed by so many and enjoyed by the efforts of so few The same Saint George of your Majesty’s favour may be a loyal standard of this land discovered first by John Cabot of royal commission 1497 Thirty seven years previous to the ‘fleur de lis‘ and year previous to Christopher Columbus for Spain though seeming to aside of any or all concerned of this Crown’s Land
Yours Truly
“Blanks57” of uttasqualaeh
Ontario, Canada


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