Crack smoke ?

Dear the honourable minister of Justice mp,

Do Quebecers form a nation within a united Canada?”

No, is the only answer and if anyone says that they do or does request that they do, without a referendum in a democracy, does commit treason and possibly a hate crime.

Of course a french Catholic R.C.M.P. cock sucker crack addict isn’t going to do anything about that.

If they do,*Quebekers, so do everyone else including Ralph Klein Alberta mpp.

What a co-inky-dink ?

Sincerely Yours,
* *
* * *


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lost a good half-inch?

Dear member of parliament,
I drive a truck for a living when not unemployed, (you have heard my story) and I have noticed that a lot of radio stations and radio personalities are Jews, Howard Stern comes to mind as a big radio personality, who has sent back standards of humanity by a thousand years. I have noticed that Jews like to be in the media,own media and complain about antisemitism allot through the media. B’ani Brith, whatever that is, talks allot about poor jews and how hard done by this religious minority is in Canada, they said there were over one hundred complaints to them last year in Canada by jews who had been maltreeted or persecuted in some way. I wonder if there isn’t an underlieing fear of gas ovens and little Hitlers everywere. I only mention this because I just happen to know that jews actually consider themselves citizens of Isreal (with exception) not of the country they reside. I wonder if this racism on their part is the the real cause of their fear of gas ovens and little Hitlers everywhere. Why does the average citizen of Canada have to be constantly bombarded by media reports of jews who walk around in their honika’s being mistreated, I’d be mistreated if I wore a honika and I’m not even jewish though my “bastard” parents saw fit to have me circumsized, I couldn’t do anything to stop them , they’re United Church told them to, bastards.
Sincerely Yours,
ooooooo the circumcised,
*******, Ontario, Canada 23/03/06

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Canada you smell funny.

November 03, 2006
Dear member of parliament,
Homosexuals (perverts) get special treatment and a hate crime Law passed by our Government to further their imbalanced perception of persecution and bias toward themselves by non-perverts, while Catholics do enjoy tax exempt Church’s and tax payer funded religious education Constitutionally.
Of course the definition of marriage was found unconstitutional by lower and higher courts due to “discrimination”, at both provincial and federal level.
Something smells real bad .
I haven’t showered in 2 or 3 days but I don’t smell near as bad as you.
Sorry, I should say as bad as the Liberal Party the NDP and Bloc Quebecois, for passing some very seriously flawed legislation (Same-sex marriage) while looking the other way when it comes to the Catholic religion, which is in reality, truly out of order and treated very specially by our governments.
Sick and depraved are the only honest words I can think of to describe the present moral malaise of this Land.
I do realize that a minority government surrounded by the same persons who created the mess could do little to correct the situation.
Perhaps a majority Conservative government of conservatives could correct the above real inequalities in our society and possibly outlaw government sponsored abortion while there at it.
The income trust nonsense really isn’t going to help much if your going to lower corporate taxes even more than there already present lower status.
I support less government red tape for average (voting) “Joe” and would like to ask for a fifty percent reduction in payroll taxes across the board to be followed by some increase in corporate taxes if needed.
If I could ask a question it is, are Real Estate companies still exempt from taxes through these income trusts and if so, why ?
Real estate companies only pay 25% of the tax rate and do little for the economy except create work for non citizen, illegal, non-taxpaying, employees.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Lets use cells from your stem first, please.

So its just an embryo. Someone else’s embryo.

Have you forgotten that you were once just an embryo too?

Why should your rights supersede those of others who are not as fortunate as yourself to have grown out of embryoism ?

Michael J. Fox is sooo British Columbian that he probably grows his own cannabis, for medical purposes only, of course.

Perhaps Michael J. Fox should consider sharing some of his “stash” with Rush Limbaugh and save him from the chronic pain of stem stem cell research thumpers who are ignorant of their own cause and of the deaths that do precede and follow in the wake of their ignorant self serving political plying.

Is Michael J. Fox even a U.S. citizen ?

Does Michael J. Fox know that the kind of stem cell research he and Ronald Regan Jr. do advocate will use cells taken from the victims of government sponsored fetal genocide ?

Perhaps Michael J. Fox should consider joining the Boy Scouts and leading them in this new millennium instead of political grand standing for something he obviously knows little or nothing of.

Researching cannabis for its medicinal purposes is something I would consider much more worthy of the efforts of Michael J. Fox and the science community, not the stem cells of embryo which by necessity must be “aborted”.

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"Afstan" and Liberal politics.

There was no vote in the house to send our troops to Afghanistan in the first place.”

Until this Conservative Government was elected.

Shhh, the “free press” or Bill Graham m.p. may find out and tell someone.

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