Are "Quebeckers" Canadian ?

Does anyone who isn’t a politician or involved in politics know ?

If Quebec hasn’t signed on to the Constitution how could Quebekers be Canadian citizens ?

If they’re not even Canadian citizens how could they vote in federal elections, work for the federal government, be in the Military, Ministry of Labour, R.C.M.P., CSIS, or Public Saftey, let alone hold seats in Canada’s parliament?

Not possible, not legally at least.


December 3, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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  1. We are not Canadien we did not sign the Constitution because we are a nation appart of all the ”English” canadien we should already be a country we do not hate English people we only fill different and historicly we often din’nt have the same politicaly oppinion of things when english people voted conservative we voted liberalist , you are todely rigth we should worck for you or needer vote , but politicien whants are taxes ($$$) and if they don’t let us vote and be part of canadien evolution we should be paying taxe it’s common sense you whant are money let us be free in your country let say where two nation worcking whit each other , hope it help you and sorry for my english I did my best .

    Comment by Mathieu St-Amour | July 16, 2007

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