Just say No to Liberals

Welfare for Daycare No
Welfare for Corporations No
Welfare for the poor while taxing them into poverty No
Welfare for Bombardier No
Welfare for Ford, General Motors, Chrystler and International Harvester No
Federal Welfare for post secondary schools No
Welfare for Catholic Schools No
Welfare for Health care Yes I support this old NDP motion though absolutely NOT the NDP, new dumb ass party.
Welfare for Drug companies No
Welfare for Big business global warming companies and carbon credit stock exchange No
Welfare for Tobacco Companies No
Welfare for CP Ships No
Welfare for retired and sitting MP’s No
Just “off the cuff”,
I’m sure you could add much to this list.
Such as welfare for “Quebekers” and commercially sponsored Public media outlets.
This country (a pathetic welfare Pig) makes me sick with it’s pathetic trough pandering begging cronie whores all while the Bloc Quebecois remove the silverware and napkins.


December 4, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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