Four thousand five hundred dollars

Wow or should I say woe, if I had three kids and a Canadian “Partner” that would cost the government twenty two thousand five hundred dollars a year our for health care.

That is if we used it ?

Though I did visit the doctor for a lingering cold and a few years ago I had numbness in my arm and a tightness in my chest which yet persists mildly. Apparently I’m well and was informed by the doctor at London’s Victoria Health Science Center (I have heard they no longer call themselves a Health Science Center and do now prefer to call themselves a hospital again though I think shit hole would be more appropriate. The London Health Shit Holes Center) that my x-ray confirmed that my cancer doesn’t show yet.

I presume since I wasn’t given any further advice or direction from said doctor at least I think he was a doctor he said he was a doctor…

? should I have taken his word for it just because he was wearing “the greens?

Who cares now

I’ll carry on in my hot and cold sweats and hope the good “doctor(s)” didn’t miss anything to important.

Especially considering I’m paying them $4,500.00 dollars a year plus the extra taxes I pay and have paid for tobacco products over some thirty plus years.

That’s a whack of health insurance.

Green Cross could only dream.

You would get some very good health insurance for 4,500.00 dollars a year in the U.S. for a single person.

What kind of family health insurance would you get in the U.S. for twenty two thousand five hundred dollars a year ?

ReaL GoooD !

The family rate health insurance cost (without a preexisting condition) in the U.S. for the best health insurance isn’t near as costly.

Sry I don’t have a link for that.

But I did sleep at allot of Motel 6 before they came to Canada.

Holiday Inn Express never seem to be where you need them.


December 5, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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