Thomas d’Aquino.

Who is this fellow and does he not fear the prison for men at Kingston Ontario ?

Or is he “Above the Law” ?

Stephen Seagal (American) would not approve.

Bus t a crak ka ghe tt a ho

Dear member of parliament ** m.p.,

Who is Thomas d’Aquino and why is someone who is unelected making foreign policy for this nation ?

I demand a public inquirey.

Yours Truly,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

No pill popp’n please.

“In Canada, this is being pushed by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) led by Thomas d’Aquino.” “Our member CEOs represent all sectors of the Canadian economy. The companies they lead collectively administer close to C$2.5 trillion in assets, have annual revenues of more than C$600 billion, and are responsible for the vast majority of Canada’s exports, investment, research and development, and training. ” “They set up a Task Force that had John Manley as a co-chair.” “In the USA, it is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).” “The Elites do not really want the public to be discussing this issue, that is why Lou Dobbs is the only MSM that has mentioned this on air.” {Maybe because those involved could face criminal charges by certain if it were known that they did persue a charter other than of there own perspective nation or in controvention thereof.}


December 6, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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