Dear Jack "ass",

Seventy per cent of Canadians could not be wrong could they ?

“We have long supported this concept, because it is a question of respect for our fellow citizens who live in Quebec.
As well, we have found that there has been a huge lack of respect for Quebeckers in past years. There are many examples of this: the scandals, when people sought support in Quebec with unacceptable behaviour
or with a right-wing policy—not a social democratic policy
that reflects Quebeckers‘ values
—a bellicose policy that does not reflect the sort of society in which the vast majority of Quebeckers want to live.”

Ya, their own society apart from Canadian law and Constitution which you have committed treason in supporting.

You may wish to argue that but I think a court of law is where your rebuttal should be heard and not a court of public opinion.

That’s just me though eh and seventy percent of Canada that did not support your vote to call the “Quebecois a nation”.

In your defence it was the “politically correct” thing to do.


December 7, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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