Ok Ok could we stop now

Talking about democracy in this country when seventy percent of the population are denied a voice in parliament.

Over 90% of the members of parliament voted to make the Quebecois a nation while 70% of Canadians were against doing this or legalising same-sex marriage. Two recent examples among many others.

Are the majority of Canadians racist ?

Is this democracy ?

Should the word democracy even be used in this country when refering to our governments ?

Especially when the Quebecois are no longer citizens of Canada or are they duel citizens, if so, can we see their passports or legal documents please ?

If the Quebecois are now a nation why are they not being asked or demanded to leave Canada’s parliaments and offices, ministry’s, RCMP, CSIS and the military ?



December 13, 2006 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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