Dear Santa,

Or Canadian Time magazines man ( oops newsmaker) of the year. Now I done it no Christmas for me.
all I want for Christmas is ;
1. a fifty percent pay cut (from 2007 level) to federal mp’s base pay to not include (2006 level) ministers pay.PMO should keep present 2006 pay rate plus 2007 increase.Then all members incl. PMO pay linked to national average pay increase after inflation to include pay decreases in such cases as they do occur nationally.2. California like emission standards for auto makers and industry and to kill Canada’s part in the Kyoto protocol dead a priority for u.Sorry but 0.6 degree climate change in one century is not evidence of global warming.We do need cleaner air and should still work to lower co2, and sustainable and alternative fuel and clean air management.Toronto needs to recycle better and take care of its own garbage instead of trucking it down the highway to their neighbours. Why don’t they incinerate it at the coal fired hydro plant.With maximum air containment.3.lower payroll taxes(all) (a business cost) by fifty per cent while eliminating corporate welfare one hundred per cent incl. the public funding of any commercial media broadcaster and the Catholic church (a possible hate crime).4.the Quebecois are foreigners in need of work visas to hold public office incl. Stephane your job member of parliament its what your paid to do, ie.( *enforce Canada labour ministry and revenue law * ) which you are not doing at this time.
“Bloggs in Boots”


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The loyalists

If a tree falls in the forest does anyone hear?

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