You let the B.Q. and " the Quebecois" win.

Dear *
You can make it up to Ontario,
by removing all references to climate, “climate-change” or Kyoto and
focus on cleaning air and pollution from the environment.
Do real things to clean up smog that hangs over Canada’s cities and make Industry including agriculture keep their waste out of the the ground and water system.
Don’t play “global warming” catch-up please.
This Globe has been warming for too long over thirteen hundred years and probably longer.
Remove “climate change” and “Global Warming” play time from the environment agenda entirely and do things the Kyoto accord does not do.
This Kyoto protocol should be dropped from Canada without another question or doubt about it.
This could be more easily achieved by wining a majority in the next federal election which should be ensured by lowering payroll taxes dramatically across the board (all income brackets)and place those taxes on corporations by increasing their income tax.
You would in effect be transferring the tax burden from the employee to employer in a way which should see the “working poor” paying much less income tax possibly as much as fifty per cent less if news reports are accurate in their reporting of tax disparity.
Income taxes are a business expense.By lowering those at the same time increasing corporate tax should not cost the treasury any funds or increase the burden on business.
Surplus tax dollars dollars should be by law returned to tax payers by paying down the federal debt or returned directly to tax payers.
Then the quarterly GST payment currently paid to welfare moms should be eliminated as a part of reducing the federal GST and because it is another unfair subsidy.
Sorry the national child day care system is broken and should be dropped as a public service like Kyoto and a few other things I know of.
The Bloc Quebecois are trampling over the rest of us with their continual demands for nationalism for Quebec possibly by use of seditious libel which is a criminal code offence.
This should not occur again without charges being laid against those who make such demands contrary to the law.
Do these things in lieu of possibly going to jail for allowing the Bloc Quebecois to put upon this country a demand which should have been met with criminal charges.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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.."this year is the warmest year in thirteen hundred years"… -science "News"

January 31, 2006
Dear *
A news report this morning said that “this year was the warmest year in thirteen hundred years”.I’m not sure how that is possible when we are only thirty one days into “this year” – 2007.
If 2006 was meant as the warmest year in thirteen hundred years then that would mean thirteen hundred and one year’s ago, 705, was a warmer year than “this year”.
“Global Warming” may be more than a nifty catch phrase used by some politicians, it may also be a historical fact which is unknown to the average tax payer or voter who may not take the time to study environmental science or climatology in their spare time.
Is the hype of “Global Warming” just that and some Canadian politicians have signed us onto a Kyoto protocol without considering the costs to the taxpayers.
Science hasn’t mentioned a famine which occurred in North America as a part of “the great depression” of the 1930’s. I recall hearing years ago when I was a child of a “dust bowl” or “the dust bowl” when hearing talk about “the great depression” . Was this the worst famine in European culture since “the great famine” of the middle ages ?
“Science” has been known to be wrong in some cases.
When “science” is really no science at all.
“Evolution” being one example of a theory most Canadian “science” has accepted as fact and is taught in some publicly funded schools as a fact rather than as a theory.
Science that you hear may not always be science if it leaves out facts.
Such as thirteen hundred and one years ago was a warmer year than “this year”. Which is being touted as the warmest on record and is if the records are only checked for the last thirteen hundred years .
Don’t believe the “science” because they also teach that man evolved from monkey’s which actually has no basis in science whatsoever and is only a theory.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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No swearing please.

Tue, 30 Jan 2007 18:54:08 -0500 (EST)
” “> Add to Address Book
Fwd: I found this on the Internet it is truly disturbing.
To: ” *mympp “

“NSLiberal” , “NSLiberal” , “OHRC” , “On.Lib” , “On.Lib.” , “ONLawyer” , “OnLib” , “ONLib.” , “OnLib.” , “OnLiberal” , “onminattrnygenrl” , “onminculture” , “onminwomansissues” , “PEI Lib.” , “separatist” , “PQ.Lib” , “Quebecer” , “quebecois” , “Reformrooles” , “RHonMP” , “RHonmpp” , “SKCpc.” , “SkCpc.” , “Torontocenterliberalmontrealawyer” , “unisexualBQ.” , “vancouverLib.” , “viveleQueenElizabethII” , “Wildro.AB” , “WindsCpc” , “Windsorcvc”
Tue, 30 Jan 2007 18:51:53 -0500 (EST)
“” ” “>
I found this on the Internet it is truly disturbing.
“mintotalsoftwoodloser” ,
“cv” , “cv” , “cv” , “cv” , “cv” , “cv.” , “cv.” , “cvc” , “cvc” , “cvcBC” , “cvcLondon” , “cvcOn.” , “edmntncv” , “franco-Quebecer” , “honleaderhermajestiesofficialopposition” , “honLtGovOn” , “Lambtkent” , “lawyer” , “Lib” , “Lib.” , “Lib.” , “Liber” , “Liberal” , “NewMarket Liberal” , “LIberal” , “Liberal” , “LiberalBC” , “Libjusticecritic” , “LibMB” , “Libs.” , “LibScarb.” , “Libspeaker” , “marriageisfundamental” , “minforeignaffairs” , “minheritagestatuswoman” , “minjusticeattnygenlca” , “mymp” , “NBConserv” , “Ndp” , “ndp” , “Ndp.” , “NDPBC” , “NDPTecumseh”
HTML Attachment [ Scan and Save to the Computer Save to Yahoo! Canada Briefcase ]
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separatists are traitors if they use sedition.No rights reserved. -click on title for main page
Tuesday, January 30

Shhhh. don’t tell anyone o.k..
Dear * m.p.p.,
Membership is enough for some of us to consider the removal of a member of parliament for attending meetings of the Free Masons which are a secretive society and not good for those who hold public office to attend or be members of.I have heard that some “Free Masons” are required to practise acts which might be illegal as a continuing part of their indoctrination into this secret society which our government or members should have no part of.Why do we condone secret societies which make their own rules ?Why does a member in Ontario’s public service support a “secret society” which seeks to subvert the very government they are awarded for serving including the Shriner’s ?Conducting a police investigation into the goings on of the “Free Masons” in Ontario would be fruitless because some members of the police are also members of this secret cult.A law should be passed which would do away once and for all the legal existence of any secret societies including the “Free Masons” which do answer to some foreign heads of state in their “secret” organization.Sincerely yours,***, Ontario, Canada
Posted by Blanks57 at 6:15 PM

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happy new year
and to “the Quebecois”, whoever they are, for becoming a nation in 2006. Hope they will be moving out of Canada, especially Ottawa, Ontario, soon. Foreigners should require permits to work in this country.

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Shhhh. don’t tell anyone o.k..
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Some “disturbing” things in Ontario.
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S.E. Asia loves Canada’s Polar Bear too
Ministry’s that won’t do their job should cease to…
Tobacco sales may cause “Global Warming”!
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Blanks57 says fire them all.
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Shhhh, don’t tell anyone o.k..

Dear ,
Membership is enough for some of us to consider the removal of a member of parliament for attending meetings of the Free Masons which are a secretive society and not good for those who hold public office to attend or be members of.
I have heard that some “Free Masons” are required to practise acts which might be illegal as a continuing part of their indoctrination into this secret society
which our government or members should have no part of.
Why do we condone secret societies which make their own rules ?
Why does a member in Ontario’s public service support a “secret society” which seeks to subvert the very government they are awarded for serving including the Shriner’s ?
Conducting a police investigation into the goings on of the “Free Masons” in Ontario would be fruitless because some members of the police are also members of this secret cult.
A law should be passed which would do away once and for all the legal existence of any secret societies including the “Free Masons” which do answer to some foreign heads of state in their “secret” organization.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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looking for something ?

Dear member of parliament *,
Looking for a “conservative right” in the province of Quebec to support your government is wrong because there is no “conservative right” in the province of Quebec and Ontario does have all the votes you need to make the difference your looking for.
I suggest that looking beyond Ontario before you have those votes would be a poor and even foolish course.
Now that “the Quebecois”m whoever they are, are now members of another nation and presumably not Canada.
I have heard that Quebec has not signed Canada’s constitution which should disqualify them from the federation both politically and financially.
Ontario combined with the support of western Canada should be enough support for your concerns.
I remember a large majority conservative government being won in Ontario by Mike Harris who promised and delivered on tax cuts at the same time as the federal government reduced Ontario’s support.
Maybe that means Ontario likes tax cuts while Quebec which is now a separate nation likes playing games with politicians.
Ontario doesn’t need the Quebecois neither do you.
In fact I’m considering having Gilles Duceppe charged by the RCMP with seditious libel for his offer to the prime minister, of state hood for Quebec.
Perhaps you could help and save me the time or expense by doing your job and asking the RCMP to look into the honourable Gilles Duceppe’s offer to the prime minister which caused the vote in parliament which did see a new nation created.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Some "disturbing" things in Ontario.

Dear the right honourable Dalton McGuinty, premier of Ontario, m.p.p.,
Should Ontario support the public funding of one particular separate school board ?
While allowing the parents of some children who attend these private schools to direct their public school taxes to a separate school board ?
While cancelling the Ontario private school tax credit for those who’s children attend other than
one particular separate private school system ?
Should the leader of Ontario’s human rights commission, Kieth Norton be fired for supporting this unethical and discriminating spending of Ontario public school tax dollars ?
Simply put how does your government justify spending public tax dollars on a private school board while cancelling the Ontario private school tax credit ?
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. How can you justify making illegal in public that which is legal in the province, tobacco use ?

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Do your children attend college,

Ursuline College or Assumption University ?

Is that because they are gifted and ahead of the rest of Ontario’s children who must attend high schools before being accepted into a college or university ?

Or because they are of a particular “gifted” religion which uses names on schools to get around the law in order to receive something they may not otherwise be entitled too, public funding.

Ontario’s “Publicly funded Schools” do include some private schools.

Ontario also allows the parents of some separate school students to direct the public school portion of municipal taxes to there own private schools with the support and cooperation of Ontario’s justice system and human rights commission.

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he wishes he were Catholic and preferably a priest

residing in Canada because;

A California man already convicted of molesting children for three decades in multiple states was sentenced Monday to 150 years in prison for abusing two 12-year-old boys.

Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller, 64, was given the maximum sentence for 11 felony counts of child molestation and one misdemeanour charge of possessing child pornography.

If only we could get Judges in Canada to hand out more than two years less a day for the same crime as this.

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S.E. Asia loves Canada’s Polar Bear too

January 29, 2006
If true that Canada produces only two percent of Canada’s “greenhouse gases” how could tax payer’s possibly justify spending tens of billions of dollars to remedy a problem when you have said that ‘ we have zero control on 98% of the emissions that find their way inside our country.” ‘
‘ As Stéphane Dion put it the other day “2% [of] emissions [within Canada are] coming from Canada, 98% [of] emissions [in Canada are] coming from elsewhere”, which essentially means that no matter what we do to stop or slow climate change, we have zero control on 98% of the emissions that find their way inside our country.”
As a taxpayer I can not support spending billions more tax dollars on something which you are saying we have virtually no control over.
Kyoto deals with “greenhouse gases” and carbon credits.
I would prefer our taxes be spent cleaning up that which we have control over one hundred percent of Canadian Industry and automobile’s to name just two things.
Kyoto is not good for Canada and I for one do not support the premise of “Global Warming” after having done my own research free of the hype and media’s colour photo’s.
Actually the real evidence using the science available shows that we are experiencing an El nino this year in Canada and that these are not new weather phenomena.Polar bears are not facing a new challenge in their struggle for survival except from those who are “poaching” them.
Canada should not support the Kyoto protocol because it was rushed into without listening to the experts at all by those with a political tax and spend bureaucratic agenda the Chretien Liberal government.
I for one support Stephen Harper’s more conservative and rational approach to this old old old problem of global climate change which is no change at all.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Ministry’s that won’t do their job should cease to exist.

January 29, 2006
The federally regulated part of the trucking Industry which I work in is poorly regulated largely due to non enforced federal labour law.While an employee I have been threatened, lied too, cheated, abused, verbally abused, legally abused and slandered, defrauded, mistreated, asked to break the law, required to break the law, forced to break the law, maligned and robbed, and that’s just by my employer’s.Presently I find myself owed over eighty thousand dollars by employers and bankrupt largely because of these abuses which have stretched out over twenty years as a federally and provincially regulated Ontario truck driver with over a million logged miles of driving tractor – trailer and find myself in a condition of chronic illness caused by fatigue and unemployment which is directly attributable to some malice on the part of some employers and their employee’s who have lied.Apparently there is a new labour review which after reading one paragraph I have found seriously flawed.I would suggest the government throw this waste in to the garbage where it belongs.Then fire all employee’s of the federal ministry of Labour.Dispense with this ministry completely across the board.Start new by hiring employees who are able to read english as well as french and make it law that employers shall pay employees for all their work which is presently not the case in the federally regulated trucking Industry. Employers run wild with their fibs and tales of glory pay which are mostly lies and misrepresentations which are intended to attract employees to an Industry which finds a third of its workforce doing things other than driving a truck for a living.Trans X Transportation of Toronto Ontario is allegedly owned and operated by mafia.So is the Windsor – Detroit Ambassador Bridge allegedly. Perhaps Gugliano previous federal Liberal minister of public works may know some more about that ? He was allegedly in the mob I seem to recall hearing.Federal ministry of Labour is sufficiently flawed that it is counter to it’s reason or cause for existence the protection of labourers from malicious , criminal and incompetent employers.Not as it is presently a human rights potato wrapped in foil for politicians and/or civil servants to play with.The ministry of revenue does knowingly allow the criminal practise of tax evasion by certain in the trucking and taxi Industry’s in Canada in cooperation with the federal ministry of labour which does continue to permit employee’s to work as contractors contrary to some existing labour law.
Sincerely yours,
* *
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

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$6,408.00/yr or 25%

$6,408.00, One year of welfare in Ontario for a single person.

$4,000.00, One year of low income shelter cost.
$2,408.00, A year to live on.

25 % or about
$20,000.00 is Dalton Mcguinty and the Liberal governments yearly pay increase voted to themselves.

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Dear * *
Should we spend 400 million dollars to bury Nova Scotia’s tar ponds and make them a future source of contamination for generation’s to come ?
Or call Honey Bee or the local Johny On The Spot pumper truck to pump this hazardous waste out into train cars for safe shipment to area prepared and remove h20 by evaporation.
Dispose of solid waist appropriately in appropriate hazardous waste dump or better build a proper disposal cracker/incinerator which shall not release any toxins into the environment and is useful for disposing of other waste of this kind which are presently being shipped to and “disposed” of in the ground.
I used to drive a truck and we hauled similarly contaminated material by truck to central Ontario from all over the province where we would dump it on the ground and a bulldozer did push dirt over top of it. Contaminated/ Hazardous waste “disposal”.
The federal government could require provinces to build their own contaminated/hazardous waste disposal which does not allow for the dumping of such into the ground or environment.Think of it as zero tolerance for poisoning water, air or earth.
Put some university educated to work and use the $400,000,000.00 to invent and build a zero emissions disposer of contaminated/hazardous waste.
I would think a special incinerator properly fit could do the job.
Then require one for each province or the the safe shipment to.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. I am not a scientist or inventor or doctor but from one year of college chemistry I know that you can do some pretty “crazy” stuff to “stuff” and turn “stuff” into really bad “stuff” or good “stuff” . The reverse could be true though one may need more than one year of college chemistry to work that out.
Certainly you should have access to doctors of chemistry, physics and engineering who know about building incinerators which can be constructed. I know that dirt will burn and oil goes up like a light.Surly in this day of “high tek” “everything” we can make something suitable for disposing of Canada’s contaminated/hazardous waste in a manner so that present and future generations will not have to suffer the consequences.

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Tobacco sales may cause "Global Warming"!

January 28, 2007
Dear * * * *
Some “experts” including Greenpeace have claimed glaciers in south America are receding without pointing out that some were expanding in the same area at the same time .
Canada’s Weather Network I have heard with my own ears promoting ” Global Warming” during mild weather while ignoring the colder days.
Real climate “experts” as opposed to biologists who study plant life say that temperatures and the weather we are experiencing is within seasonal averages across this country . Science fact.
Not higher than average temperatures or lower than average.
“The great famine” of the middle ages the cause which is attributed to climate change, “sudden” acceleration in temperatures followed by “sudden” deceleration in temperatures and that these are historical weather pattern occurrences.
A difficult area to research because there are only one hundred and fifty years of recorded temperatures and scientist’s have to use formula’s and hypothesis and projections to try and determine what is really happening to the environment.
The truth is not allot is happening to the overall temperature of the globe over the last hundred and fifty years.Regardless of the sceptics who charge on in blind rage.
There is apparently an “acceleration” of temperatures occurring right now which scientists say have been taking place for twenty years. The accepted fact that global temperature has increased by 0.66 degrees Celsius over the last century which includes most of this “twenty year acceleration ” should I hope point the “experts” to rational thought rather than the present day politicized panicky rhetoric of “Global Warming”.
Yours Truly,
*, Ontario, Canada

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labour law

Dear * * *
I was just reading the latest in labour progress. I did only read a little but when employers are still required to give two weeks notice or pay in lieu of notice to an employee who steals or breaks the law, a criminal is being rewarded by Labour law.
Part III of the Canada Labour Definition of hours of work, Is 002, I know employees of this ministry are not able to read. It is clear in this definition what is meant and included in hours of work by the ministry of Labour and is thoroughly defined though requires interpretation which is lacking by the Ministry of Labour.
The lack of interpretation of the definition is costing workers in this Country thousands of dollars and allows Employers to steal from their.
I have discovered this is only “the tip of the iceberg” when it comes to enforcing the Canada Labour Code by the Employee’s of the Ministry of Labour that are biased against non-union workers.
This latest report after reading one paragraph of chapter 8 seems to allow for employees to steal and break the law and forces the Employer to pay a thief two weeks pay in lieu of notice.
What can be done if anything with those who won’t interpret the Definition in favour of employees and do side favourably with the Employer who can take advantage of non-union workers?
This matter is so serious that all of the employees of the ministry of labour should be fired immediately.Then I think only those who can read effectively English and french be hired and their union de – certified by law. I know their are very good employees of this ministry but it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the whole bunch.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. This Labour Standards Review looks very thorough though possibly a total waist of wood pulp if ever put into print.

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Blanks says fire them all

Federal ministry of Labour employee’s that is;
Then decapitate their union and rehire some who can read.French or English as long as they can read both.Or you could kill official federal bilingualism which could be the real problem anyway. Both if you want the job done right. Then depose the metric system and dig up Pierre’s bones and burn them at Penatange.
Part III of the federal Labour code and ministry of Labour employee’s inability to read a one page definition of hours of work Is 002.
They could not read therefore enforce a simple one page definition which was, has been and still is my complaint to the federal ministry of Labour.
You don’t think I would forget do you ?
Perhaps you don’t think I can read as seems to be the case with some federal ministry of labour employee’s.
Perhaps Claudette Bradshaw m.p and Joe Fontana m.p. could vouch for the veracity of my exclusive rights and “un inclusive” exercise ?
Or is Jacques the only one I told about that.

I’m tired now I’ll try reading another paragraph tomorrow.

I don’t think labour law should require an Employer to give two weeks pay in lieu of notice or any notice if an employee is stealing from them or breaking the law while performing their required duties do you ?
Of course not, the employer should be able to fire on the spot instantly with no concern for notice or pay in lieu of.
Maybe you can understand how I feel when Employer’s steal from me and are helped contrary to existing labour law by the federal ministry of labour.
See my complaint to the federal ministry of Labour; “Blanks57″ v. Challenger Motor Freight Lines, Cambridge, Ontario and ‘Blanks57” v. Quick X Transportation,Toronto, Ontario, c. 2003.

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Von Fincknshteen – this "cracker" aint no "white bread" ho ?

Who keeps putting Jews in charge of government appointments especially media and the overseers.
Only a Jew could be that stupid ?
Hitler was a racist Jew who hated Jews .
Typical of half breeds and their ignorant followers.
I’d fire all appointed Jews that are in unelected government positions that are sensitive to religious influence especially media and justice.
Jews are the most racist bunch of whiners in our society.
They use their religion as a stalking horse to elicit sympathy from human rights authorities and to influence the law and general public.
They’re a disaster and putting them unelected in charge of any one particular (CRTC and CBC) part of government is not acceptable.

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December 14, 2006

A deleted comment I made to this post at ‘The Canadian blog’.
Like my snail mail and email letters I make copies of my comments too. Sometimes I “burn” them, sometimes I don’t.

blanks said ..’Surely you don’t think this has all happened just since Stephen Harper took office especially since John Manley is named as being appointed by Paul Martin PM to the committee arranging this conspiracy with the help of the CCCE led by Thomas d’Aquino before Harper was in office ?’

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‘Broken Borders’

June 27, 2007
Dear member of parliament **,
According to News reports American authorities are “crashing our borders”, “firing their weapons” while “chasing criminal suspects” and not going to jail for breaking the law. Then we do have a breach of public security and public safety in this country.
Foreign agents allowed to carry firearms for the president’s security or air marshals should have to be accompanied by Canadian authorities.
We should not allow any authorities from foreign states to be armed in this country and those who do so illegally and crash through the border should face the severest penalties.
I can understand an exception for the presidents secret service and air marshals as long as they are monitored by armed Canadian authorities at all times while in Canadian jurisdiction.
This government is doing little for Canada and seems to care more about Americans than Canadians.
This government has had a year and a half and has accomplished little to nothing that isn’t the result of compromising with Quebec separatists.
This government passed a law making the Quebecois a nation which over seventy per cent of Canadians opposed while over ninety five per cent of the parliament supported. Turns out this vote was the result of a criminal act committed by the leader of the Bloc Quebecois and was not opposed rather watered down and forced to a vote by incompetence.
This government has since the accomplished nothing for this country the work has been a waist of time. Fortunately the reduction of the GST was committed to before the treason occurred.
There is no legitimate opposition to the present government as all parties did support by ninety five per cent the illegal vote to make the Quebecois a nation.
Why is it you do not understand that the law was broken and your mandate was ended at that point?
Now you want to let more foreigners in to this country carrying arms?
Ripe for rebellion except the students are a to busy watching on the Internet to have noticed.
Truly disturbing, I understand this government supports the discriminating Catholic school funding with public taxes also.
No surprise that you can do little from a moral stand point and must give in to Paul Martins “same-sex marriage” law.
We should allow more one way trade from foreign country’s to swamp our own industries and put lots of Canadians out of work while we fail to enforce Canada revenue and labour law. Then you should vote yourselves another one hundred percent pay increase over ten years.

Sincerely yours,

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God save the Queen ( part I of III )

Conservative Party linked to pro-U.S. annexation cabal

‘In the last 2006 Federal Election, the Conservative Party kept trumpeting its slogan that it would “Stand up for Canada”. Then, Opposition Leader Stephen Harper during that elected indicated that he would similarly “Stand Up” for Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic. Mr. Harper portrayed his party, as a party which would govern Canada with integrity and openness in a spirit of renewed democracy, in contrast with the ‘corruption’ of the Martin Liberals. As it turns out, these assertions by Mr. Harper could not be further from the truth.
Mel Hurtig, the founder of the Council of Canadians, and also a variety of other reliable sources including veteran CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, now reveal that senior elected representatives and advisors to the Conservative Party, are currently planning a scheme that would hand over Canada to the Bush regime by 2007. The official name for this scheme, is called “North American Union”.
Mel Hurtig, a noted Canadian author and publisher who was the elected leader of the National Party of Canada, provided researchers with the agenda and attendee list of the so-called “North American Forum” at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Alberta, Sept. 12-14, 2006.
Mr. Hurtig said the “secret meeting was designed to undermine the democratic process.” In addition, the reported Agenda undermines the Statutory position of Her Majesty the Queen of Canada, as the constitutional expression of a Canada independent from the U.S.
“What is sinister about this meeting is that it involved high level government officials and some of the top and most powerful business leaders of the three countries and the North American Forum in organizing the meeting intentionally did not inform the press in any of the three countries,” he said. “It was clear that the intention was to keep this important meeting about integrating the three countries out of the public eye,” Mr. Hurtig further indicates.
The motive for U.S. participation, according to Mr. Hurtig, was “to gain access and control Canada’s extensive natural resources, including oil and water.”
Documents obtained by researchers associated with the Council of Canadians were marked “Internal Document, Not for Public Release.” At least three current Ministers of Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party minority government are cited in the Document as “ring leaders” so-to-speak, of an unlawful and anti-constitutional effort to hand Canada to the Bush regime.
Canadian constitutional and related law is quite clear that any such effort by elected members of a government to subvert the political authority of the Government of Canada, constitutes breach of a Parliamentary Allegiance of Office, and broadly treason.
This is because the reportedly directed efforts of Ministers in the Stephen Harper government, to hand over Canada to the political authority of Mr. Bush, as the American Head of State, without the consent of the diverse Canadian public, can only be executed by the seditious overthrowing of the Crown, i.e. Canadian Head of State.
Section 128 of the Constitution Act, 1867 indicates as follows:

Every member of the Senate and the House of Commons of Canada shall before taking his Seat therein take and subscribe before the Governor General or some Person authorized by him, and every Member of a Legislative Council or Legislative Assembly of any Province shall before the Lieutenant Governor of the Province or some Person authorized by him, the Oath of Allegiance contained in the Fifth Schedule to this Act; .

The oath set out in the Fifth Schedule reads as follows:

I, A.B. do swear, That I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to Her Majesty… [Elizabeth II].

According to the Sixth Edition of Beauchesne’s Rules & Forms of the House of Commons of Canada:

Should a member violate his oath he [or she] would be amenable to the penalty of not being allowed to sit in the House of Commons. He [or she] may be suspended from taking part in the sittings while still remaining a member of Parliament, or, in a case of extreme gravity, a Bill might be passed to annul his election…
The power of dealing with treason is inherent in the Parliament of every country.

The leaked document clearly substantiates that Ministers of the Stephen Harper Government are sharing information with representatives of the U.S. military-industrial-complex, for the purposes of “surrendering” Canada to a U.S.-based “non-democratic authority”. This apparent government-sponsored effort is designed to destroy the sovereign authority of Canadians as co-owners of their society, in violation of all Canadian Constitutional Acts since 1867.
Pursuant to Section 46 (2) of the Canadian Criminal Codes “Every one commits treason in Canada, when someone (b) without lawful authority, communicates or makes available to an agent of a state other than Canada, military or scientific information or any sketch, plan, model, article, note or document of a military or scientific character that he knows or ought to know may be used by that state for a purpose prejudicial to the safety or defence of Canada;
Furthermore, pursuant to Section 52 of the Criminal Code of Canada, to the extent that the apparent efforts of the Stephen Harper government to surrender Canada to a non-democratic American political arrangement is seditious to “(a) the safety, security or defence of Canada,” the Stephen Harper government has executed treason. If that has indeed occurred, then the Stephen Harper government, if it has any semblance of integrity, must surrender its authority to the Governor-General acting on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen of Canada, toward new Federal Election. ‘
by Peter Mackenzie
from The Canadian blog h/t alberta spectator

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God save the Queen ? Part II

Dear member of parliament,
I have noticed a web site which is devoted to keeping Canada out of a “North America Union”, it is called which can be found on Google.
There is another web site called ( * removed for posting to my blog) which points the finger of blame at the present Conservative government more specifically at Stephen Harper PM for being the cause of this “North American Union” which is being arranged by some big business with governement cooperation in spite of some laws which prevent members of parliament or their employee’s and Canadian citizens from participating in acts which could subvert the sovereignty of the government of Canada.Also it seems that any siting member of parliament including the prime minister swear an oath on becoming a member of parliament which would preclude any involvement in supporting any act or behaviour which could be subversive to the government of Canada.
Why Gilles Duceppe m.p., Jean Charest m.p.p., Andre Boisclair and mant others aren’t facing some sort of discipline for their frequent and even constant attempts to undermine the government of Canada without use of a referendum ?
Looks like Canada has allot more problems than worrying about “Global Warming”, the national debt, national day care, lack of military, health care, overpaid members of parliament, incompetent ministry’s etc.
Seems this alleged “North American Union” I say alleged because I must really wonder how this would be going on behind closed doors without the public even knowing.
This has not been reported in the news to my knowledge and I have never heard any member of parliament acknowledge that this work is taking place with their consent and cooperation.
Perhaps Paul Martin m.p. previous prime minister of Canada who appointed John Manley to part of the workings of this “North America Union” should or could make informed to Canadians of his extent of knowledge or of those in parliament or were in parliament and have assisted in this great accomplishment.
That the public might be informed and knowledgeable of what our elected representatives are doing while in the pay and trust of her majesties parliament.
The gallows may be to good for some in my opinion, perhaps a good old fashioned public flogging might be of a greater benefit to the general welfare or the greater public good.
Maybe the Queen knows what’s going on. Maybe not.
That doesn’t matter to me.
Sincerely yours,
* *
* * *
*, Ontario, Canada

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Arar gets 12.5 point – doe.

Dear member of parliament,
It seems inappropriate to me to hand over 12.5 million dollars to someone who has been suspected of ties to Al Quieda since before the “nine eleven” trade centre bombings in New York.
Since 1998 I believe, long before most of us had even heard of Al Quieda.
Without doing anything about those responsible for him being wrongly put on this list of terrorist suspects ?

‘….what Harper would not do is clean house in the RCMP and CSIS of those who are directly responsible for what happened to Arar….’

I Hope this awful situation will be corrected by “cleaning house” of those who put this innocent man on their list.


Sincerely yours,
* *
* * *
*, Ontario, Canada

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"Guarenteed Annual Income". The quacker’s aren’t all ducks.

Dear * * ,
Seems I’m reading of some more Liberal idea’s which cost tax payers more of what they already do not have and it seems to me that those who espouse such spending by a bankrupt government could or maybe should be held responsible by the law for making such requests for funding which is not available as is evidenced by the five hundred billion dollar federal debt not even to mention Ontario’s one hundred fifty billion dollars in debt which all must be paid down to where it were forty years ago plus interest.
Zero dollars.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. If you can do anything to relieve Canada of the pay disparity or inequality between its elected members of parliament, single -147,000.00 dollars per year compared to an average Canadian family 58,000.00 dollars per year, this would be much appreciated.
The PM, ministers and secretaries should not have there pay reduced and collect this years pay raise while all other mp’s receive a fifty percent pay reduction from the 2006 pay rate.

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Three E’s. fiftE / fiftEE

Dear the honourable minister of finance,
This budget should not include more spending and should focus instead on tax reductions a more “Conservative” approach to governing.Liberals want more funding and special favours for their particular agenda or pet peeve of the week.
“Global Warming” seemingly the latest Liberal free for all spending spree.
In spite of what you may be hearing the Globe is not warming erratically from past or previous records .
Some recent findings by science are not new though are being reported as if they are.
Glaciers or lack of which once covered most of North America and Europe should be enough evidence to convince the greatest septic that global warming is not new.
Jack Layton m.p., Stephane Dion m.p., Dr. David Suzuki and Gilles Duceppe m.p. might have a different opinion and would rather tax and spend.BAD.
The upcoming budget should focus on relieving tax payers of a grievous burden by lowering government spending and increasing business taxes.
Lowering the GST is good for votes and business sales though shouldn’t be considered practical for a government over four hundred billion dollars in debt and must scrape together funding for some things which are much needed such as health care, military equipment and personnel.
I sent Mr. Harper the idea of lowering the GST before the previous election it is a good idea.
I know there is a big deal being made of the fiscal imbalance between the provinces and federal government.
Fixing that outright as you did with the trust funds by removing all exemptions completely making for a fair equitable and legal approach seems reasonable to me.There are no exemptions in the letter or spirit of the law that requires revenue to be included from the provinces for transfer purposes.
Tax reductions for workers who may suffer from previous federal “un-accountability” could relieve a cause of grief accept to the CAW union which takes the costs of income taxes into consideration when bargaining.
Alleviating the employer of the tax burden through payroll reductions would also alleviate unions of their need for larger raises and may place the onus of “job security” more on the worker rather than the employer.Which could be a good thing for Ontario jobs and automakers.I know that business’s do not go to the polls on election day voters do and most of them are employee’s.
Payroll taxes are a business expense and inflationary lowering them will lower costs of doing business.This should be a priority for your budget.
Lowering federal payroll taxes of everyone including the Prime Minister and Gilless Duceppe m.p. by fifty per cent though one might like Stephane Dion, Libby Davies and Jack Layton to have their taxes increased, I am not so petty.While increasing business taxes to offset the loss of income to the government.
Lowering Payroll taxes are lowering a business expense and therefore business’s should not see an increase in their tax burden over some time by increasing business taxes.
It is a simple concept.
Fifty percent reduction on employee payroll taxes while increasing business taxes by an equal dollar amount to offset the loss.
*- Payroll taxes ARE as much a business tax as any other business tax. – *
Change the onus from the payroll to business tax please but not one without the other or we may end up in deficit again which would cost this government its place.
That could be bad for everyone especially if Gilles Duceppe were to become leader of the official opposition or the NDP have to look to Conservatives or the Liberals to prop up their minority.
Sincerely yours,
*,Ontario, Canada

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The Quebcois are traitors

Andre Boisclair should be arrested and charged with treason and sedition against the crown.
But we have a very flawed sense of propriety in this country which allows traitors to run free and grow wild .

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Au contraire humanité

Subject : Look at what “they” “just” dicovered !
Dear member of parliament * * * *-* m.p.,
I do realize you are in the top two per cent class of society when it comes to income but did you know that science has just discovered that Canada’s Dr.David Suzuki was wrong when he was concerned
about global cooling just twenty years ago. (The link is too a CTV news article which declares man sorry humans is/are causing global warming).
Global Cooling was a concern some years ago I have read, I was just thinking about what would happen if scientists who have suddenly determined that man is causing global warming were wrong again as many have been with evolutionary science over the last hundred and twenty some years which is proved and known.It took thirty years before some of their false claims which were accepted by science and society to be fact to be found fiction the pig skull somehow confused as a human ancestor for example.
Is global warming another pig skull that “science” is trying to pass off as fact when really it may mean more grants or bursary funding for some of themselves.
Twenty to thirty years ago “science” was concerned with global cooling, at least those that studied climate change, Dr. Suzuki not being one of them by the way though he did join the global cooling band waggon.
My concern and reason for writing is that these two thousand “experts” mentioned in this CTV news article are certain of man causing Global warming seem to contradict themselves and science.
I am not a scientist or a doctor but I can read print thanks to my grade four and five educators and when it is reported that temperatures are accelerating for twenty years and that global temperature has only increased by 0.66 degrees Celsius in one hundred years which does include the twenty year acceleration they only telling part of the story.Accelerations in temperatures are normal and are followed by decelerations (cause of the great famine c. 1300’s) – science fact.
Bad science is like most though not all Liberal legislation it doesn’t need to make any sense and is only introduced to elicit sympathies of the gullible and ignorant hence “Same -Sex marriage” and a hate crimes law based on the fairy tale of “equality” enough said I hope.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Already, I only said that didn’t exist just two days ago

I know that some of you reading this don’t or won’t read beyond the first paragraph or take notice of any contradictions of the statics in this article ,but, I’ll link to it for now anyway.
More costly to the public than shipping Toronto’s garbage, “Brian Mulroney’s helicopters” (if we had bought them) and the Gomery inquiry put together and that’s just for this year.

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Are you a "Global Warming" "NAZI" ?

Dear the leader of her majesties official opposition Stephane Dione m.p.,

I did find on the Internet this quote which was posted by a “blogger” and was attributed to yourself.

‘ “2% [of] emissions [within Canada are] coming from Canada, 98% [of] emissions [in Canada are] coming from elsewhere”, which essentially means that no matter what we do to stop or slow climate change, we have zero control on 98% of the emissions that find their way inside our country.” ‘

I was reading that some scientists are going to be reporting soon new evidence making irrefutable the fictitious myth or ‘fairy tale” of “Global Warming” which is constantly being confused with Global climate change, a real non -disaster.
I wanted to point out to you that I do not appreciate leaders pursuing fairy tales for the sake of political pandering and that spending tax dollars on something in this country which you yourself have said only produces “two per cent of emissions within Canada” is not good governing and does cross the line as far as I am concerned.
Making said liable for the costs associated with promoting a fictitious lie which would and has already cost the tax payers of this country billions of dollars. More than ten times the cost of the new Mulroney helicopters.
I would like to ask the leader of her majesties official opposition turn from supporting this sudo scientific lie and to stop promoting this artificial “global warming” fear which is being propagated upon the public by liars and fear mongers or “NAZ.I’S” as I suppose you and your party might refer to them.
“Global Warming” “NAZI’S”.
Don’t be a “Global Warming” “NAZI”.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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98% or your stuff aint mine

‘ As Stéphane Dion put it the other day “2% [of] emissions [within Canada are] coming from Canada, 98% [of] emissions [in Canada are] coming from elsewhere”, which essentially means that no matter what we do to stop or slow climate change, we have zero control on 98% of the emissions that find their way inside our country.” ‘

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So sue me, where is Kieth Norton, OHRC ?

Dear Ontario minister of education,
Not too long ago the president of the Ontario human rights commission Kieth Norton publicly condemned the Ontario private school tax credit for being counter productive and discriminatory against the public school system without mentioning the fact that Ontario funds seventy percent of a certain private religious school and a whole other separate school board.
I know that separate schools are legally allowed in Ontario and are not limited to catholic or protestant lets say religious schools yet to my knowledge public funding is certainly not guaranteed to any separate school or school board or it must by definition be covered by Canada’s charter which I believe would guarantee an equality or fairness in funding.
If I’m right why hasn’t Keith Norton or anyone from the human rights commission pointed out this discriminatory funding of private, separate, catholic schools by the province of Ontario.Should this fool Keith Norton who did publicly condemn the Ontario private school tax credit be condemned and fired without any severance package and or charged with breach of trust for condemning publicly that which the government does support the public funding of private separate schools ?
Or does and should a politician or member of provincial parliament be held accountable for this loud mouthed lieing hypocryte fool leader of “human rights” behaviour.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Clean Coal, Cleaner Coal, Conservation, conservation and Reclamation

Way to go

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"only two percent of Canada’s air pollution is Canadian", eh – Stephane Dion Liberal m.p.

Dear minister of environment,
I’m not sure how much “a minority government” can do about it but it seems to me that Provinces especially Ontario let polluters run down the highway’s with thousands (literally) of trucks every year dumping garbage in their neighbours back yard.
The federal government should do everything it can to force the province’s into recycling all the municipal garbage
that they collect before it is buried in the ground especially in Ontario which is largely a watershed for the Great Lakes and Hudson Bay.
Removing all recyclables before the garbage is buried in the ground at the landfill would be much more effective than curbside recycling.Which I do consider stupid and ineffective quite frankly.
Rather than bury the remaining garbage in the ground it should be composted as in your garden. Sorry you’ll need some engineers to help keep the leech out of the ground.Composting gives off ghg so does burying it in the ground, just not as quickly.
This is a solution to deal with garbage not ghg, have we forgotten already.
Burning produces carcinogens which I think are impossible to get rid of once produced.
“Only two percent of Canada’s air pollution comes from Canada”, I heard this was a quote from Stephane Dion leader of her majesties official opposition in Canada’s parliament.
The real problem in Canada is garbage dirty coal powered generators and nuclear power generators which should never be considered environmentally friendly.
Don’t forget what happened to the environment after the Chernobyl nuclear accident and don’t say it couldn’t happen again because it could.
Coal, clean coal and cleaner coal are suitable for power generating stations and should be the way Canada heads for the majority of it’s power with consiedation for capturing emissions(all of them).
Don’t even talk about CO2 when Canada doesn’t produce enough to blow a bubble in a cloud,
especially when your alternative is damming up rivers to produce hydro and the cost of building and operating nuclear reactors which are dirty, dangerous and bankrupted Ontario Hydro which still needs a hundred forty billion dollars more to dispose of the used fuel.
Don’t listen to the nuclear experts please they have had their say for thirty years and spent Ontario into oblivion with their continual cost over runs and false promises. Nuclear energy has been bad energy.
“Only two percent of Canada’s greenhouse pollution is from Canada”
That should be enough to “stop the madness” in this country over greenhouse gases.
Kyoto is a political stalking horse and nothing more for the Liberals, NDP and even the B.Q.
Is too, Is too, Is too,
Does Dr. Suzuki know what Stephane Dion apparently knows about Canada’s air pollution, someone should ask around and find out, may be next time before they call him for his advice or opinion.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

‘ As Stéphane Dion put it the other day “2% [of] emissions [within Canada are] coming from Canada, 98% [of] emissions [in Canada are] coming from elsewhere”, which essentially means that no matter what we do to stop or slow climate change, we have zero control on 98% of the emissions that find their way inside our country.” ‘

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Quote of the year

‘…the overwhelming scientific evidence…’
– Dr. David Suzuki has apparently confused biology with climatology hence pollution with “global warming”.
Global climate change – yes, always has been, no reason to stop now.
“Global warming” – yes, but not by pollution and nothing can be done to stop it.

Tax and spend on political sailors.

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Back then Nuns did not approve

‘ In 1969 Dr. Henry Morgentaler emerged as one of Canada’s most controversial figures when he broke the law and opened the country’s first abortion clinic. ‘

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Jews and Homos

Religion and Politics or is that Politics and Religion.

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didn’t I just see you on TV

What next I’ll find out Wayne Gretzky played Olympic hockey while a member of the Edmonton Oilers ?

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the trouble with being you

1.) The “politically correcting ” of freedoms by lazy politics, overzealous courts and political special interest groups.
2.) Taxes especially income taxes paid by those who need money for child care “the working poor” and high labour costs.
3.) The environment especially the global warming fairy tale of special interest groups or persons who stand to profit from billions in bureaucracy spending.
4.) Child care – welfare yuppies and over taxation
5.) Quebec is a special interest society – Quebec first – “the Quebecois”.
6.) Health care.

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Ontario calling ….

Dear member of parliament,
hello… that part of Ontario that would prefer to vote for Preston Manning as oppossed to Brian Mulroney or Jean Chretien, I’m sure you remember.The same who gave you this minority government.
Some call those the Conservative grass roots.Outside of Alberta they should be considered the reason the government is not in opposition.I for one get the feeling we are forgotten.
We tend to vote based on results as opposed to propaganda and consider moves of secrecy against democracy sedtious and treacherous.Such moves might include demands for distinctness or special ethnic standing or working with foreign governments to undermine the authority of Canada’s constitution and or soveriegnty. Hope nothing like that is going unnoticed or unpunished by those we have elected to serve Canada’s best interest.
“We” would like the federal government to play fair with all provinces and territories by eliminating all exemtions from revenue for transfer purposes completely or scrap the program completely.
“We” like the flat tax idea. but know it is not really necessary though could simplify tax reporting and accounting.
“We don’t really like the Liberal and NDP national child daycare welfare plan because it is financially unsustainable and unneccesary.
“We” don’t like gun control but don’t want America’s murder rate either.
“We” don’t believe abortion is a legitimate means of birth control.
“We” don’t think a man should call another man his wife or partner in that sense.
“We” don’t like the Jean Chretien and Sheilla Copps politics of to tell a lie long enough.
“We” don’t like the french always begging for more of what they have no more right to than anyone else in this country.
“We” don’t think “the Quebecois” are a legitimate nation and should be punished for their continual unceasing groveling at the federal foot stool.
“We” like the idea of mutliculturalism under one roof not two or three as is the case when you allow Quebec or first nations to set their own agenda.
“We” like the idea of “Quebecer’s” being removed from Canada including its army ,police departments and government offices and Natives paying income taxes when working off reserve.
“We” don’t think Quebec has much to offer a real Conservative government in way of votes and that the Quebecois are anti-Canadian.
“We” believe a province that hasn’t signed the constituion should not be in the parliament of the constitution and should be asked to leave and may return once signed to said.
“We” believe that Quebec has no entitlement to self governing based on ethnicity and that Quebec is crown land and not sovereign to any other nation except where treaty may be applicable.
“We” don’t appreciate the constant beggerly needs of Quebecers and the Quebecois who have nothing to offer a free society as is evidenced by previous alliance with the national daycare, same-sex, hate crimes and abortion advocates.
“We” believe the federal government is not the Provincial government of Quebec or any province or of “First Nations” and should represent the Queen of England and not of France, Ethiopia, Sudan, Texas or Washington DC.
“We” don’t trust global warming extremists who scream the sky is falling.
“We” can read and a 0.6 degree Celcius temperature increase over one hundred years aint no man made global warming dude.
“We” consider that Dr. Suzuki and the likes could/should be sued for enciting.
“We” vote Liberal when leaders pretend to get things done.
“We generally don’t get paid very well by some standards but make make up the largest voting block.
“We” are the working poorer and have greater power than the propaganda spewer and political cheater.
“We” elected you what are you doing ?
Don’t say spending because that’s our lunch money, don’t say taxing cause that costs us, don’t say building cause that means more beauracracy, say managing, triming/fat, reducing/beauracracy, cuting/debt, increasing/revenue, polishing/the crome, reducing/greenhouse gas, kicking/ out Quebecers, lowering/spending, stopping/the madness of previous unfettered regimes.

Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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"Doomsday" or Broom’s day

Dear *
Apparently the clock which is representative of man’s impending doom by nuclear war which I thought was meant to tell of man’s danger to himself now does include “Global Warming” .
The fact that we have only a few minutes to live according to this clock should really make us all think soberly.
Wouldn’t most “men” panic and throw up their hands faced with such a crises.
Only a few minutes left out of twenty four hours.
Global warming was generally not heard of a decade ago or even five years ago.
Now it is all the rage among the environmentally fashionable.
I think what is called science fact may really be science fiction and more danger than good to the environment especially to the taxpayer who is going to have to pay the bill.
Twenty years ago global cooling was the science of the day.
Now global warming what’s next a call for Chicken Little Day by Dr. Suzuki.
I know I shouldn’t be so funny when it comes to a topic that is going to cost Canadians more than the Liberal national child daycare welfare plan.
Maybe we need to kill Canada’s illegitimate part in the Kyoto protocol accord, a.s.a.p.
The sooner the better.
I say illegitimate because I did watch and listen to the hearings on this subject held by the Liberals who obviously didn’t pay attention to the facts and ran out to sign on to another tax sucking Liberal political toilet bowl for incompetent leaders the Kyoto accord.
Hoping we can dump this dog before it is too late and doomsday comes as result of listening to Liberals who have a political agenda in their concern for the environment and so-called “global warming”.
Which is really global climate change a phenomena which you and I are not going to stop or ever could or should even imagine.
*, Ontario, Canada

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do polls make the differance

Dear *
Fifty nine per cent of Canadians do not believe the Kyoto accord is the best way for Canada to do its part in cleaning up the environment.
This is contrary to what I have been hearing from the Liberal and NDP parties.
I have been hearing that Kyoto is the only hope there is.
The facts contradict the hype though and what you see out your window may not be what you get when it comes to the environment.
Real science says that global warming is a fact but there is no evidence that man has influenced the acceleration in global temperature.
Real science says that the “southern comfort” or el nino affect and the “Pineapple express” are not new and have been around for centuries and that Canada’s temperatures for this winter all fall within seasonal averages.
The hype would have us all believe otherwise.
The environment needs to be cleaner and safer but be wary of Liberals masquerading as climatologists they may be lawyers and politicians pretending to know what they are talking about while spending billions of Canadian tax dollars to prove it.

‘…The online survey of close to 3,000 Canadians by Innovative Research found that just 31 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement that Canada must do its part to fight global warming, and implementing the Kyoto accord is “the best way to do it.”
Roughly double that number — 59 per cent — agreed Canada must do its part, “but implementing the Kyoto accord is just one way we can do it.”
Another six per cent said they’re not convinced anything needs to be done on climate change, while four per cent said they didn’t know.
Roughly seven out of 10 respondents agreed with the statement: “I don’t care whether the new federal government implements Kyoto or not, so long as they take real action to make our environment better.” ‘

Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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All provincial revenues must be included or scrap it.

Dear minister of finance,
Quebec’s renewable energy is apparently exempt from revenues for transfer purposes.
To make for a fair transfer arrangement you can not allow for some exemptions which will favour one or two or three provinces at the cost of others and the territories.
There should be no exemptions for any.
You have a chance to fix this mess do so please.
Stop the half measures,please.
Votes will be found in Ontario I do not understand how our federal Party’s fail to comprehend this simple reality.When it comes to every issue facing the federal government Ontario is where you win or lose and NOT Quebec, always has been always will be.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

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Does AB have P S T ?

Dear *

I copied this from an article on the Internet and it shows that there are no exemptions for natural resources in the ‘letter or spirit’ of the law,
I don’t think that natural resource revenue faces the same municipal tax disparity as commercial real estate.
Which really should not be a federal concern anyway.

‘…. the Constitution Act of 1982 redefined equalization as this:

36.2 Parliament and the government of Canada are committed to the principle of making equalization payments to ensure that provincial governments have sufficient revenues to provide reasonably comparable levels of public services at reasonably comparable levels of taxation.

Again, no mention of resources. The equalization system is designed with one purpose in mind: transferring funds to allow for an equanimity of public service. Excluding natural resources has no basis in the letter or spirit of the law, and flies in the face of the equalization program,….’

I’ve heard that Alberta does not have a provincial sales tax ?

Sincerely Yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

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don’t make me sue you

This has NOTHING to do with government limiting freedom of political speech and is a law to prevent voters from knowing something they wouldn’t normally know. The law is a good law and perfectly legitimate.Without reading your column.Breaking the law to challenge the law is not the representation in your solicitation for financial assistance and is a possible law broken that you don’t intend to end up in court for.
* * * * *

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Income from natural resources and Ontario.

Dear *
The “rich keep getting richer”.
I don’t know why any province resource revenue is exempt for transfers.
The Auto Industry in Ontario is constantly struggling and in jeopardy and has been for decades, I don’t know that Ontario is allowed any exemption on its auto production income.
Not even “half” an income exemption.
So why should natural resource income be exempt
All or nothing I say.
No fifty per cent exemption unless all the other province’s get an exemption.
Ontario’s auto industry is in a fight for its life from imports and now China is becoming a large auto producer and an overpaid work force that really needs to take a thirty percent pay cut to be a real competitor.
This industry should still qualify for half of its revenue exemption if resources still receive a fifty percent exemption.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. I think I know why real estate companies are exempt from the trust fund taxes because municipalities and provinces tax real estate at higher rates.
Unfortunately they tax commercial real estate at much higher rates and apartments are considered commercial real estate this is really unfair for apartment dwellers and is a cause of homelessness.

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Snow day

Dear ****,
Misinformation promoted as fact by scientists should not sway the opinion of our government .Dr. Suzuki claimed that the reason downhill skiers in Europe were not able to practise their sport was due to “global warming” which had caused a shortage of snow during December of 2006.
This is dangerous and bad for a society.
Greenpeace has claimed that some glaciers in South America were receding without pointing out that some were also expanding in the same area.
The weather network I have heard with my own ears promoting the sham of global warming during mild or hot weather and ignoring the the colder days.
The real experts say that the temperatures and weather we are seeing today is seasonally average across Canada ! Not higher than average or lower, average, OK.
Something I did read about recently showed acceleration “sudden” acceleration in temperatures and deceleration “sudden” decelerations in temperature before there was “industry”, giant smoke billowing factories, or auto cars.Which affected the weather and is the cause of the “Great Famine” of the middle ages.Something I had never heard of until doing some reading about “global warming”.
It’s a difficult area to research because there are only a hundred fifty years of recorded temperatures and scientists use formula’s and graph hypothesis and projections to try and figure out what is really happening.The truth is, not allot, is happening especially in the temperature of the globe over the last hundred years and fifty years.There is apparently an “acceleration” occurring now which scientists say has been taking place for twenty years but the fact that the actual temperature has only increased globally by 0.6 degrees Celsius in the last hundred years and that does include this “twenty year acceleration ” should point the “experts” toward rational thought rather the panic and rhetoric of “Global Warming”.

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"free speech " v "freedom of the press"

This is where my wagon leaves the trail so to speak.
How is reporting the results which have already occurred, prematurely, across the country equate to” free speech” ?
I realise there is a court case on this.
I really hope the defendant and media supporters lose for the sake of democracy and freedom of speech. Not free speech !
Free speech doesn’t and never has nor ever shall exist and I don’t appreciate the rhetoric.
Why should someone in Vancouver have to know that their vote won’t count in a federal election before they have even voted ?Or at least be of that opinion and not bother going to the polls as result ?
There’s a reason for the law and it isn’t so some people can squawk about “free speech”.

Or supposed lack of.

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grade six education at work

Free speech in a democracy must be balanced or you may end up with porn on your TV set and homosexuals using as a defence for perversion.
That’s why an election gag law exists or you have just defeated the whole purpose of the democracy which you depend on for your wrongly termed “free speech”. Where is the law that guarantees “free speech” in Canadian law ?
How is defeating democracy supporting or defending “free speech” especially when there is no such freedom in a democracy ?

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"southern comfort"

The southern comfort that has been dominating the Canadian climate for weeks is expected to carry through to March, potentially throwing plant and wildlife cycles into a state of disorder, said David Phillips, a senior climatologist at Environment Canada.

“Although it feels like it, we haven’t really broken any records. It’s the persistence, that day after day, week after week, and now month after month, we’re seeing this mild weather,” he said.

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monkey business

January 06,2006
Dear * * * *.*.,
Seems that science is saying one thing while governments are saying another.
Presumably there is allot of pressure to do something about “Global Warming” however the science just doesn’t back up the rhetoric we are hearing in the Media by supposed “experts”, David Suzuki included.

‘ Canada’s new environment minister, John Baird, isn’t saying what he’ll try to do about global warming, but he suggested in a CBC interview on Friday that weird weather has eliminated any doubts that temperatures are rising.

This contradicts any scientific evidence that I have come across.
Seems science agree’s that their has only been a zero point six degree Celsius increase in global temperature over the last century and that *does include the recent acceleration seen by science over the last twenty years .
In other words it is irresponsible and even dangerous for a member of parliament to talk a talk based on rhetoric and Hollywood movies rather than proof or evidence.
In my opinion the globe is actually cooling and the phenomena witnessed is the result of a depression caused by a reversed deceleration in the inverted lineal dynamic which was also the cause of “the great famine” c.1375 -77. (i just made that up) too, sort of .
Which occurred long before the “Industrial Revolution” c.1750.
I don’t want to see this government following in the footsteps of special interests which may sponsor propaganda or lies to promote a t.v. deal or profit from the public purse.
Could you ask this minister to stick to the facts please and make aware to (all) the members in the house of commons that contradicting evidence to promote fiction could be detrimental to society and that a member could and should be held liable for such excursions which do or could cost in terms of dollars and/or sense.
Sincerely Yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

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Five good reasons not to vote Liberal, NDP or BQ.

#1. Kyoto
#2. National child daycare
#3. Hate crimes law
#4. Changed constitutional and natural definition of marriage and spouse.
#5. “North American Union”

Five good reasons NOT to be a “Progressive” Conservative

1.see above #5.
2.see above #4.
3. see above #3.
4.see above #2.
5.see above #1.

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Black Sunrise

Global climate change/Global warming and cooling/
micro climates – el nino /continuity / macro climate/ climate science/
ancient/recent acceleration(s) – climate change(s) /sudden deceleration(s) -/
“catastrophic” /-
“the great famine” – agriculture decimated /yield ratio ?
excess precip./ low yields – famine /-millions died/
modern yield ratio.
lack of drought – sudden cooling temps.* sudden acceleration and deceleration – climate change
/interest in global climate change for profit and or policy/-
misinformation/ libel/ dissemination/ political acquisitions/biggest poli-pie of the century
equatorial climate change/ polar climate change/
– nil
– / macro/micro/
-politically motivated /-profit or gain-
leading to black sunrise,
madness or even higher priced school lunches.
Just “gOOgleing

I’m no lawyer but,

“British climate scientists predict that a resurgent El Niño climate trend combined with higher levels of greenhouse gases could touch off a fresh round of ecological disasters — and make 2007 the world’s hottest year on record.”

– this could be libelous and detrimental to the public welfare on a large scale if misleading to the general public and if costly to taxpayers should lead to sudden catostrophic bankruptcy or lack of bursary, grants, loans / jail time.

I could begin with; “hottest year on record” What record ?; but that could be my last question.

‘ “Even a moderate (El Niño) warming event is enough to push the global temperatures over the top,” said Phil Jones, director of the Climatic Research unit at the University of East Anglia. ‘

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Canada, one of the accord’s signatories, has also backed out of its Kyoto commitments. In September 2006, then-federal Environment Minister Rona Ambrose said Canada had no chance of meeting its Kyoto targets.

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Continued efforts to make our streets and communities safer; -crime

Making Canada’s institutions more democratic and more accountable; -accountability

Standing up for Canada’s interests and values on the world stage; and ?

More action to protect the environment and the health of Canadians. -health care

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Bald justice

Dear * * * * * * * *.*.,
Police serve in the courts and it would be a conflict of interest if they were allowed to help decide who a judge might be that they could face in court.
Maybe too late for the court system if some recent decisions mean anything anyway.
If judges must be elected it should be with out the input of special or certain interest groups on either side.
Maybe the real problem isn’t with the judge(s) .
Maybe the real problem is in the house of commons.
Some recent decisions seem determined by opinions of what might constitute a “human right” rather than by legal precedence .
This most recent decision in Ontario to allow a child three parents looks politically motivated .
This judge has thrown out all common sense to ‘make room for another daddy’.
A perfect example of asinine court decisions born of bad politics.
When a judge makes a “jackass” ruling the likes of which have been seen recently which put “human rights” ,so-called, a head of legal rights is the result of years of neglect and not a faulty charter or constitution.
How does a judge decide that a child can have three parents without the consideration of a fourth, if a fourth then what about a fifth, what about one (legal) parent ?
This recent decision in Ontario is so ridiculous that I think the government needs to intervene and do something that will put a stop to judges making decisions that do contradict all rational thought in favour of being “politically correct”.
Ontario’s legal system is out of control.
You should act alone without provincial approval and use federal authority to eliminate what have become lawless courts.
Sincerely Yours,
* *
* * *
*, Ontario, Canada

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To B or not to B, is that the question ?

Dear * ,
Apparently an Ontario court (a real one I think) has ruled that a child should not be limited to just two “parents”. Apparently biology plays no significance in this decision as we all know that “it takes two” and not three or four or twelve or sixteen !
I would ask the minister to declare a state of emergency in this country and remove all provincial and federal judges from their positions.
They should be replaced with civilians, ie. firemen, postal workers, carpenters, janitors, until new judges can be hired to uphold THE LAW not INVENT it !
In a situation this desperate obviously we may need a pay raise and possibly a greater retirement package.
We should look into that once all of Ontario’s provincial judges have been fired and replaced by those who won’t let the inmates run the jail !
Sincerely Yours
* *
* * *
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. The idea of letting police decide who should be a judge though seemingly makes sense the fact that police are called as witnesses in court cases should disqualify them [as justices] or deciding who should be a justice/conflict of interest.


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It’s cheaper to send them to China.

Dear * * * * * *,
Some Chinese Immigrants to this country are sending their children back to China because they can not afford the cost of daycare here .
If they can not afford “daycare” we certainly do not want them to stay and need welfare to get by on do we.
The impression I get is that Canada is a bad place for immigrants to come and that if Canada would only pay more for child care, over the twenty plus billion a year presently spent and raise minimum wage then all would be well for immigrants to this country.
Apparently “Immigration Canada” is using fraud and misrepresentation in their selection of persons to this country, selecting those with high educations which they can not use and are left to “sweep floors” “drive taxi’s” and work for “minimum wage jobs” while their post secondary educations are useless to them.
Is this true ?

‘Ms. Wu, a Chinese teacher, and her husband, a computer programmer, were squeaking by on minimum-wage jobs and could not afford to pay $1,200 a month for daycare. Ms. Wu, 34, also knew she would have to return to university if she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life as an over educated, embittered immigrant, packaging groceries for $7 an hour.
Though the separation was devastating, the couple could see no other way out. They sent their baby daughter to China to be raised by her grandmother, who was already caring for the toddler they had left behind.’

Why don’t you fix this ?.
By dropping education requirements above that of secondary level, especially since their is a labour shortage, especially skilled labour. Which most college educated persons do not qualify for nor likely would want to.
Fraud is not the way to run a country.
Get off your lazy overpaid *** and do something.
I’ve been hearing about this problem for ten years
Earn that 147, 000.00 dollars a year and justify this years twenty thousand dollar raise.
If I had a crystal ball for this new year it would tell me of some serious legal issues surrounding some of Canada’s members of parliament and their accountability to the tax payers who pay their gross salaries and watch them spend billions of tax dollars to pay for election promises that are counter to good governing, costly and/or even fraudulent.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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"Clean coal" v Einstein/McGuinty

recycling at dest., except paper, street curb recycling does not work well –
high temp. combustion scrubbers and
neutralization, *esp. reclamation*- .
Heat as source of very bad stuff -oxidation- carcinogen’s. -scrubbers, inventions, patents.$

Impeller turbines- w/ mag-lev, 20% increase in output.
as not seen on t.v.,
Made in China
hydro does not grow on trees ?

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Chicken Little’s/head on a platter/stake/political correct

Some/sum Live action
It’s dark there already
– come back 11:00 am e.t.

SzkiGP- et al. – affordable/ regress
Expct def. /ign./dis
w/ knw d.e.g./ intent

hate when i forget my own short forms

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The proof is the proof is the proof is ……. the proof !

*Calgary is not Edmonton*.
Re: $$amoleans and sudden deceleration !
sesonal avg. temps on par w/S. Ontario
*20 year acceleration* recent//
// deceleration//changing weather patterns pre-industrial revolution//
incld’s. o.6 increase last century//
the great famine- cause -climate change – sudden catastrophic //*accelerated*//
middle ages
famines and *acceleration/deceleration/ A.D.
/B.C./famine’s attributed to climate change/ esp. *acceleration.
a.d.d. . /cause/
less than one hundred years
above average seasonal (unseasonal)
below average’s; never, ever.
don’t make me say that again ($)
point blank gross
ten fours
5.00 $
20,000,000,000.00 $ to date
collapse utter
ice sheet
(mommy where do iceberg’s come from ?)
air brakes
conflict of interest
fraud/ public
, ps and s
incremental acceleration/ deceleration
ice age(s)/?
making some notes
broadcasts which may inflict discrimination/ fraud on public/welfare .
politics and false information = propaganda
= War zone ::

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