Bald justice

Dear * * * * * * * *.*.,
Police serve in the courts and it would be a conflict of interest if they were allowed to help decide who a judge might be that they could face in court.
Maybe too late for the court system if some recent decisions mean anything anyway.
If judges must be elected it should be with out the input of special or certain interest groups on either side.
Maybe the real problem isn’t with the judge(s) .
Maybe the real problem is in the house of commons.
Some recent decisions seem determined by opinions of what might constitute a “human right” rather than by legal precedence .
This most recent decision in Ontario to allow a child three parents looks politically motivated .
This judge has thrown out all common sense to ‘make room for another daddy’.
A perfect example of asinine court decisions born of bad politics.
When a judge makes a “jackass” ruling the likes of which have been seen recently which put “human rights” ,so-called, a head of legal rights is the result of years of neglect and not a faulty charter or constitution.
How does a judge decide that a child can have three parents without the consideration of a fourth, if a fourth then what about a fifth, what about one (legal) parent ?
This recent decision in Ontario is so ridiculous that I think the government needs to intervene and do something that will put a stop to judges making decisions that do contradict all rational thought in favour of being “politically correct”.
Ontario’s legal system is out of control.
You should act alone without provincial approval and use federal authority to eliminate what have become lawless courts.
Sincerely Yours,
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*, Ontario, Canada

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To B or not to B, is that the question ?

Dear * ,
Apparently an Ontario court (a real one I think) has ruled that a child should not be limited to just two “parents”. Apparently biology plays no significance in this decision as we all know that “it takes two” and not three or four or twelve or sixteen !
I would ask the minister to declare a state of emergency in this country and remove all provincial and federal judges from their positions.
They should be replaced with civilians, ie. firemen, postal workers, carpenters, janitors, until new judges can be hired to uphold THE LAW not INVENT it !
In a situation this desperate obviously we may need a pay raise and possibly a greater retirement package.
We should look into that once all of Ontario’s provincial judges have been fired and replaced by those who won’t let the inmates run the jail !
Sincerely Yours
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* * *
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. The idea of letting police decide who should be a judge though seemingly makes sense the fact that police are called as witnesses in court cases should disqualify them [as justices] or deciding who should be a justice/conflict of interest.


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It’s cheaper to send them to China.

Dear * * * * * *,
Some Chinese Immigrants to this country are sending their children back to China because they can not afford the cost of daycare here .
If they can not afford “daycare” we certainly do not want them to stay and need welfare to get by on do we.
The impression I get is that Canada is a bad place for immigrants to come and that if Canada would only pay more for child care, over the twenty plus billion a year presently spent and raise minimum wage then all would be well for immigrants to this country.
Apparently “Immigration Canada” is using fraud and misrepresentation in their selection of persons to this country, selecting those with high educations which they can not use and are left to “sweep floors” “drive taxi’s” and work for “minimum wage jobs” while their post secondary educations are useless to them.
Is this true ?

‘Ms. Wu, a Chinese teacher, and her husband, a computer programmer, were squeaking by on minimum-wage jobs and could not afford to pay $1,200 a month for daycare. Ms. Wu, 34, also knew she would have to return to university if she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life as an over educated, embittered immigrant, packaging groceries for $7 an hour.
Though the separation was devastating, the couple could see no other way out. They sent their baby daughter to China to be raised by her grandmother, who was already caring for the toddler they had left behind.’

Why don’t you fix this ?.
By dropping education requirements above that of secondary level, especially since their is a labour shortage, especially skilled labour. Which most college educated persons do not qualify for nor likely would want to.
Fraud is not the way to run a country.
Get off your lazy overpaid *** and do something.
I’ve been hearing about this problem for ten years
Earn that 147, 000.00 dollars a year and justify this years twenty thousand dollar raise.
If I had a crystal ball for this new year it would tell me of some serious legal issues surrounding some of Canada’s members of parliament and their accountability to the tax payers who pay their gross salaries and watch them spend billions of tax dollars to pay for election promises that are counter to good governing, costly and/or even fraudulent.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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