Black Sunrise

Global climate change/Global warming and cooling/
micro climates – el nino /continuity / macro climate/ climate science/
ancient/recent acceleration(s) – climate change(s) /sudden deceleration(s) -/
“catastrophic” /-
“the great famine” – agriculture decimated /yield ratio ?
excess precip./ low yields – famine /-millions died/
modern yield ratio.
lack of drought – sudden cooling temps.* sudden acceleration and deceleration – climate change
/interest in global climate change for profit and or policy/-
misinformation/ libel/ dissemination/ political acquisitions/biggest poli-pie of the century
equatorial climate change/ polar climate change/
– nil
– / macro/micro/
-politically motivated /-profit or gain-
leading to black sunrise,
madness or even higher priced school lunches.
Just “gOOgleing

I’m no lawyer but,

“British climate scientists predict that a resurgent El Niño climate trend combined with higher levels of greenhouse gases could touch off a fresh round of ecological disasters — and make 2007 the world’s hottest year on record.”

– this could be libelous and detrimental to the public welfare on a large scale if misleading to the general public and if costly to taxpayers should lead to sudden catostrophic bankruptcy or lack of bursary, grants, loans / jail time.

I could begin with; “hottest year on record” What record ?; but that could be my last question.

‘ “Even a moderate (El Niño) warming event is enough to push the global temperatures over the top,” said Phil Jones, director of the Climatic Research unit at the University of East Anglia. ‘


January 4, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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