"Doomsday" or Broom’s day

Dear *
Apparently the clock which is representative of man’s impending doom by nuclear war which I thought was meant to tell of man’s danger to himself now does include “Global Warming” .
The fact that we have only a few minutes to live according to this clock should really make us all think soberly.
Wouldn’t most “men” panic and throw up their hands faced with such a crises.
Only a few minutes left out of twenty four hours.
Global warming was generally not heard of a decade ago or even five years ago.
Now it is all the rage among the environmentally fashionable.
I think what is called science fact may really be science fiction and more danger than good to the environment especially to the taxpayer who is going to have to pay the bill.
Twenty years ago global cooling was the science of the day.
Now global warming what’s next a call for Chicken Little Day by Dr. Suzuki.
I know I shouldn’t be so funny when it comes to a topic that is going to cost Canadians more than the Liberal national child daycare welfare plan.
Maybe we need to kill Canada’s illegitimate part in the Kyoto protocol accord, a.s.a.p.
The sooner the better.
I say illegitimate because I did watch and listen to the hearings on this subject held by the Liberals who obviously didn’t pay attention to the facts and ran out to sign on to another tax sucking Liberal political toilet bowl for incompetent leaders the Kyoto accord.
Hoping we can dump this dog before it is too late and doomsday comes as result of listening to Liberals who have a political agenda in their concern for the environment and so-called “global warming”.
Which is really global climate change a phenomena which you and I are not going to stop or ever could or should even imagine.
*, Ontario, Canada

January 17, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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