Ontario calling ….

Dear member of parliament,
hello… that part of Ontario that would prefer to vote for Preston Manning as oppossed to Brian Mulroney or Jean Chretien, I’m sure you remember.The same who gave you this minority government.
Some call those the Conservative grass roots.Outside of Alberta they should be considered the reason the government is not in opposition.I for one get the feeling we are forgotten.
We tend to vote based on results as opposed to propaganda and consider moves of secrecy against democracy sedtious and treacherous.Such moves might include demands for distinctness or special ethnic standing or working with foreign governments to undermine the authority of Canada’s constitution and or soveriegnty. Hope nothing like that is going unnoticed or unpunished by those we have elected to serve Canada’s best interest.
“We” would like the federal government to play fair with all provinces and territories by eliminating all exemtions from revenue for transfer purposes completely or scrap the program completely.
“We” like the flat tax idea. but know it is not really necessary though could simplify tax reporting and accounting.
“We don’t really like the Liberal and NDP national child daycare welfare plan because it is financially unsustainable and unneccesary.
“We” don’t like gun control but don’t want America’s murder rate either.
“We” don’t believe abortion is a legitimate means of birth control.
“We” don’t think a man should call another man his wife or partner in that sense.
“We” don’t like the Jean Chretien and Sheilla Copps politics of to tell a lie long enough.
“We” don’t like the french always begging for more of what they have no more right to than anyone else in this country.
“We” don’t think “the Quebecois” are a legitimate nation and should be punished for their continual unceasing groveling at the federal foot stool.
“We” like the idea of mutliculturalism under one roof not two or three as is the case when you allow Quebec or first nations to set their own agenda.
“We” like the idea of “Quebecer’s” being removed from Canada including its army ,police departments and government offices and Natives paying income taxes when working off reserve.
“We” don’t think Quebec has much to offer a real Conservative government in way of votes and that the Quebecois are anti-Canadian.
“We” believe a province that hasn’t signed the constituion should not be in the parliament of the constitution and should be asked to leave and may return once signed to said.
“We” believe that Quebec has no entitlement to self governing based on ethnicity and that Quebec is crown land and not sovereign to any other nation except where treaty may be applicable.
“We” don’t appreciate the constant beggerly needs of Quebecers and the Quebecois who have nothing to offer a free society as is evidenced by previous alliance with the national daycare, same-sex, hate crimes and abortion advocates.
“We” believe the federal government is not the Provincial government of Quebec or any province or of “First Nations” and should represent the Queen of England and not of France, Ethiopia, Sudan, Texas or Washington DC.
“We” don’t trust global warming extremists who scream the sky is falling.
“We” can read and a 0.6 degree Celcius temperature increase over one hundred years aint no man made global warming dude.
“We” consider that Dr. Suzuki and the likes could/should be sued for enciting.
“We” vote Liberal when leaders pretend to get things done.
“We generally don’t get paid very well by some standards but make make up the largest voting block.
“We” are the working poorer and have greater power than the propaganda spewer and political cheater.
“We” elected you what are you doing ?
Don’t say spending because that’s our lunch money, don’t say taxing cause that costs us, don’t say building cause that means more beauracracy, say managing, triming/fat, reducing/beauracracy, cuting/debt, increasing/revenue, polishing/the crome, reducing/greenhouse gas, kicking/ out Quebecers, lowering/spending, stopping/the madness of previous unfettered regimes.

Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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