Clean Coal, Cleaner Coal, Conservation, conservation and Reclamation

Way to go

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"only two percent of Canada’s air pollution is Canadian", eh – Stephane Dion Liberal m.p.

Dear minister of environment,
I’m not sure how much “a minority government” can do about it but it seems to me that Provinces especially Ontario let polluters run down the highway’s with thousands (literally) of trucks every year dumping garbage in their neighbours back yard.
The federal government should do everything it can to force the province’s into recycling all the municipal garbage
that they collect before it is buried in the ground especially in Ontario which is largely a watershed for the Great Lakes and Hudson Bay.
Removing all recyclables before the garbage is buried in the ground at the landfill would be much more effective than curbside recycling.Which I do consider stupid and ineffective quite frankly.
Rather than bury the remaining garbage in the ground it should be composted as in your garden. Sorry you’ll need some engineers to help keep the leech out of the ground.Composting gives off ghg so does burying it in the ground, just not as quickly.
This is a solution to deal with garbage not ghg, have we forgotten already.
Burning produces carcinogens which I think are impossible to get rid of once produced.
“Only two percent of Canada’s air pollution comes from Canada”, I heard this was a quote from Stephane Dion leader of her majesties official opposition in Canada’s parliament.
The real problem in Canada is garbage dirty coal powered generators and nuclear power generators which should never be considered environmentally friendly.
Don’t forget what happened to the environment after the Chernobyl nuclear accident and don’t say it couldn’t happen again because it could.
Coal, clean coal and cleaner coal are suitable for power generating stations and should be the way Canada heads for the majority of it’s power with consiedation for capturing emissions(all of them).
Don’t even talk about CO2 when Canada doesn’t produce enough to blow a bubble in a cloud,
especially when your alternative is damming up rivers to produce hydro and the cost of building and operating nuclear reactors which are dirty, dangerous and bankrupted Ontario Hydro which still needs a hundred forty billion dollars more to dispose of the used fuel.
Don’t listen to the nuclear experts please they have had their say for thirty years and spent Ontario into oblivion with their continual cost over runs and false promises. Nuclear energy has been bad energy.
“Only two percent of Canada’s greenhouse pollution is from Canada”
That should be enough to “stop the madness” in this country over greenhouse gases.
Kyoto is a political stalking horse and nothing more for the Liberals, NDP and even the B.Q.
Is too, Is too, Is too,
Does Dr. Suzuki know what Stephane Dion apparently knows about Canada’s air pollution, someone should ask around and find out, may be next time before they call him for his advice or opinion.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

‘ As St├ęphane Dion put it the other day “2% [of] emissions [within Canada are] coming from Canada, 98% [of] emissions [in Canada are] coming from elsewhere”, which essentially means that no matter what we do to stop or slow climate change, we have zero control on 98% of the emissions that find their way inside our country.” ‘

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Quote of the year

‘…the overwhelming scientific evidence…’
– Dr. David Suzuki has apparently confused biology with climatology hence pollution with “global warming”.
Global climate change – yes, always has been, no reason to stop now.
“Global warming” – yes, but not by pollution and nothing can be done to stop it.

Tax and spend on political sailors.

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Back then Nuns did not approve

‘ In 1969 Dr. Henry Morgentaler emerged as one of Canada’s most controversial figures when he broke the law and opened the country’s first abortion clinic. ‘

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Jews and Homos

Religion and Politics or is that Politics and Religion.

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didn’t I just see you on TV

What next I’ll find out Wayne Gretzky played Olympic hockey while a member of the Edmonton Oilers ?

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the trouble with being you

1.) The “politically correcting ” of freedoms by lazy politics, overzealous courts and political special interest groups.
2.) Taxes especially income taxes paid by those who need money for child care “the working poor” and high labour costs.
3.) The environment especially the global warming fairy tale of special interest groups or persons who stand to profit from billions in bureaucracy spending.
4.) Child care – welfare yuppies and over taxation
5.) Quebec is a special interest society – Quebec first – “the Quebecois”.
6.) Health care.

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