Are you a "Global Warming" "NAZI" ?

Dear the leader of her majesties official opposition Stephane Dione m.p.,

I did find on the Internet this quote which was posted by a “blogger” and was attributed to yourself.

‘ “2% [of] emissions [within Canada are] coming from Canada, 98% [of] emissions [in Canada are] coming from elsewhere”, which essentially means that no matter what we do to stop or slow climate change, we have zero control on 98% of the emissions that find their way inside our country.” ‘

I was reading that some scientists are going to be reporting soon new evidence making irrefutable the fictitious myth or ‘fairy tale” of “Global Warming” which is constantly being confused with Global climate change, a real non -disaster.
I wanted to point out to you that I do not appreciate leaders pursuing fairy tales for the sake of political pandering and that spending tax dollars on something in this country which you yourself have said only produces “two per cent of emissions within Canada” is not good governing and does cross the line as far as I am concerned.
Making said liable for the costs associated with promoting a fictitious lie which would and has already cost the tax payers of this country billions of dollars. More than ten times the cost of the new Mulroney helicopters.
I would like to ask the leader of her majesties official opposition turn from supporting this sudo scientific lie and to stop promoting this artificial “global warming” fear which is being propagated upon the public by liars and fear mongers or “NAZ.I’S” as I suppose you and your party might refer to them.
“Global Warming” “NAZI’S”.
Don’t be a “Global Warming” “NAZI”.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

January 23, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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  1. Like yahoo and Blogger “spell check” sudeau GooD

    Comment by Blanks57 | January 25, 2007

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