Au contraire humanité

Subject : Look at what “they” “just” dicovered !
Dear member of parliament * * * *-* m.p.,
I do realize you are in the top two per cent class of society when it comes to income but did you know that science has just discovered that Canada’s Dr.David Suzuki was wrong when he was concerned
about global cooling just twenty years ago. (The link is too a CTV news article which declares man sorry humans is/are causing global warming).
Global Cooling was a concern some years ago I have read, I was just thinking about what would happen if scientists who have suddenly determined that man is causing global warming were wrong again as many have been with evolutionary science over the last hundred and twenty some years which is proved and known.It took thirty years before some of their false claims which were accepted by science and society to be fact to be found fiction the pig skull somehow confused as a human ancestor for example.
Is global warming another pig skull that “science” is trying to pass off as fact when really it may mean more grants or bursary funding for some of themselves.
Twenty to thirty years ago “science” was concerned with global cooling, at least those that studied climate change, Dr. Suzuki not being one of them by the way though he did join the global cooling band waggon.
My concern and reason for writing is that these two thousand “experts” mentioned in this CTV news article are certain of man causing Global warming seem to contradict themselves and science.
I am not a scientist or a doctor but I can read print thanks to my grade four and five educators and when it is reported that temperatures are accelerating for twenty years and that global temperature has only increased by 0.66 degrees Celsius in one hundred years which does include the twenty year acceleration they only telling part of the story.Accelerations in temperatures are normal and are followed by decelerations (cause of the great famine c. 1300’s) – science fact.
Bad science is like most though not all Liberal legislation it doesn’t need to make any sense and is only introduced to elicit sympathies of the gullible and ignorant hence “Same -Sex marriage” and a hate crimes law based on the fairy tale of “equality” enough said I hope.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

January 23, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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