So sue me, where is Kieth Norton, OHRC ?

Dear Ontario minister of education,
Not too long ago the president of the Ontario human rights commission Kieth Norton publicly condemned the Ontario private school tax credit for being counter productive and discriminatory against the public school system without mentioning the fact that Ontario funds seventy percent of a certain private religious school and a whole other separate school board.
I know that separate schools are legally allowed in Ontario and are not limited to catholic or protestant lets say religious schools yet to my knowledge public funding is certainly not guaranteed to any separate school or school board or it must by definition be covered by Canada’s charter which I believe would guarantee an equality or fairness in funding.
If I’m right why hasn’t Keith Norton or anyone from the human rights commission pointed out this discriminatory funding of private, separate, catholic schools by the province of Ontario.Should this fool Keith Norton who did publicly condemn the Ontario private school tax credit be condemned and fired without any severance package and or charged with breach of trust for condemning publicly that which the government does support the public funding of private separate schools ?
Or does and should a politician or member of provincial parliament be held accountable for this loud mouthed lieing hypocryte fool leader of “human rights” behaviour.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

January 23, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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