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Dear the honourable minister of finance,
This budget should not include more spending and should focus instead on tax reductions a more “Conservative” approach to governing.Liberals want more funding and special favours for their particular agenda or pet peeve of the week.
“Global Warming” seemingly the latest Liberal free for all spending spree.
In spite of what you may be hearing the Globe is not warming erratically from past or previous records .
Some recent findings by science are not new though are being reported as if they are.
Glaciers or lack of which once covered most of North America and Europe should be enough evidence to convince the greatest septic that global warming is not new.
Jack Layton m.p., Stephane Dion m.p., Dr. David Suzuki and Gilles Duceppe m.p. might have a different opinion and would rather tax and spend.BAD.
The upcoming budget should focus on relieving tax payers of a grievous burden by lowering government spending and increasing business taxes.
Lowering the GST is good for votes and business sales though shouldn’t be considered practical for a government over four hundred billion dollars in debt and must scrape together funding for some things which are much needed such as health care, military equipment and personnel.
I sent Mr. Harper the idea of lowering the GST before the previous election it is a good idea.
I know there is a big deal being made of the fiscal imbalance between the provinces and federal government.
Fixing that outright as you did with the trust funds by removing all exemptions completely making for a fair equitable and legal approach seems reasonable to me.There are no exemptions in the letter or spirit of the law that requires revenue to be included from the provinces for transfer purposes.
Tax reductions for workers who may suffer from previous federal “un-accountability” could relieve a cause of grief accept to the CAW union which takes the costs of income taxes into consideration when bargaining.
Alleviating the employer of the tax burden through payroll reductions would also alleviate unions of their need for larger raises and may place the onus of “job security” more on the worker rather than the employer.Which could be a good thing for Ontario jobs and automakers.I know that business’s do not go to the polls on election day voters do and most of them are employee’s.
Payroll taxes are a business expense and inflationary lowering them will lower costs of doing business.This should be a priority for your budget.
Lowering federal payroll taxes of everyone including the Prime Minister and Gilless Duceppe m.p. by fifty per cent though one might like Stephane Dion, Libby Davies and Jack Layton to have their taxes increased, I am not so petty.While increasing business taxes to offset the loss of income to the government.
Lowering Payroll taxes are lowering a business expense and therefore business’s should not see an increase in their tax burden over some time by increasing business taxes.
It is a simple concept.
Fifty percent reduction on employee payroll taxes while increasing business taxes by an equal dollar amount to offset the loss.
*- Payroll taxes ARE as much a business tax as any other business tax. – *
Change the onus from the payroll to business tax please but not one without the other or we may end up in deficit again which would cost this government its place.
That could be bad for everyone especially if Gilles Duceppe were to become leader of the official opposition or the NDP have to look to Conservatives or the Liberals to prop up their minority.
Sincerely yours,
*,Ontario, Canada

January 25, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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