God save the Queen ? Part II

Dear member of parliament,
I have noticed a web site which is devoted to keeping Canada out of a “North America Union”, it is called which can be found on Google.
There is another web site called ( * removed for posting to my blog) which points the finger of blame at the present Conservative government more specifically at Stephen Harper PM for being the cause of this “North American Union” which is being arranged by some big business with governement cooperation in spite of some laws which prevent members of parliament or their employee’s and Canadian citizens from participating in acts which could subvert the sovereignty of the government of Canada.Also it seems that any siting member of parliament including the prime minister swear an oath on becoming a member of parliament which would preclude any involvement in supporting any act or behaviour which could be subversive to the government of Canada.
Why Gilles Duceppe m.p., Jean Charest m.p.p., Andre Boisclair and mant others aren’t facing some sort of discipline for their frequent and even constant attempts to undermine the government of Canada without use of a referendum ?
Looks like Canada has allot more problems than worrying about “Global Warming”, the national debt, national day care, lack of military, health care, overpaid members of parliament, incompetent ministry’s etc.
Seems this alleged “North American Union” I say alleged because I must really wonder how this would be going on behind closed doors without the public even knowing.
This has not been reported in the news to my knowledge and I have never heard any member of parliament acknowledge that this work is taking place with their consent and cooperation.
Perhaps Paul Martin m.p. previous prime minister of Canada who appointed John Manley to part of the workings of this “North America Union” should or could make informed to Canadians of his extent of knowledge or of those in parliament or were in parliament and have assisted in this great accomplishment.
That the public might be informed and knowledgeable of what our elected representatives are doing while in the pay and trust of her majesties parliament.
The gallows may be to good for some in my opinion, perhaps a good old fashioned public flogging might be of a greater benefit to the general welfare or the greater public good.
Maybe the Queen knows what’s going on. Maybe not.
That doesn’t matter to me.
Sincerely yours,
* *
* * *
*, Ontario, Canada

January 26, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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