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Dear * * *
I was just reading the latest in labour progress. I did only read a little but when employers are still required to give two weeks notice or pay in lieu of notice to an employee who steals or breaks the law, a criminal is being rewarded by Labour law.
Part III of the Canada Labour Definition of hours of work, Is 002, I know employees of this ministry are not able to read. It is clear in this definition what is meant and included in hours of work by the ministry of Labour and is thoroughly defined though requires interpretation which is lacking by the Ministry of Labour.
The lack of interpretation of the definition is costing workers in this Country thousands of dollars and allows Employers to steal from their.
I have discovered this is only “the tip of the iceberg” when it comes to enforcing the Canada Labour Code by the Employee’s of the Ministry of Labour that are biased against non-union workers.
This latest report after reading one paragraph of chapter 8 seems to allow for employees to steal and break the law and forces the Employer to pay a thief two weeks pay in lieu of notice.
What can be done if anything with those who won’t interpret the Definition in favour of employees and do side favourably with the Employer who can take advantage of non-union workers?
This matter is so serious that all of the employees of the ministry of labour should be fired immediately.Then I think only those who can read effectively English and french be hired and their union de – certified by law. I know their are very good employees of this ministry but it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the whole bunch.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. This Labour Standards Review looks very thorough though possibly a total waist of wood pulp if ever put into print.

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Blanks says fire them all

Federal ministry of Labour employee’s that is;
Then decapitate their union and rehire some who can read.French or English as long as they can read both.Or you could kill official federal bilingualism which could be the real problem anyway. Both if you want the job done right. Then depose the metric system and dig up Pierre’s bones and burn them at Penatange.
Part III of the federal Labour code and ministry of Labour employee’s inability to read a one page definition of hours of work Is 002.
They could not read therefore enforce a simple one page definition which was, has been and still is my complaint to the federal ministry of Labour.
You don’t think I would forget do you ?
Perhaps you don’t think I can read as seems to be the case with some federal ministry of labour employee’s.
Perhaps Claudette Bradshaw m.p and Joe Fontana m.p. could vouch for the veracity of my exclusive rights and “un inclusive” exercise ?
Or is Jacques the only one I told about that.

I’m tired now I’ll try reading another paragraph tomorrow.

I don’t think labour law should require an Employer to give two weeks pay in lieu of notice or any notice if an employee is stealing from them or breaking the law while performing their required duties do you ?
Of course not, the employer should be able to fire on the spot instantly with no concern for notice or pay in lieu of.
Maybe you can understand how I feel when Employer’s steal from me and are helped contrary to existing labour law by the federal ministry of labour.
See my complaint to the federal ministry of Labour; “Blanks57″ v. Challenger Motor Freight Lines, Cambridge, Ontario and ‘Blanks57” v. Quick X Transportation,Toronto, Ontario, c. 2003.

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Von Fincknshteen – this "cracker" aint no "white bread" ho ?

Who keeps putting Jews in charge of government appointments especially media and the overseers.
Only a Jew could be that stupid ?
Hitler was a racist Jew who hated Jews .
Typical of half breeds and their ignorant followers.
I’d fire all appointed Jews that are in unelected government positions that are sensitive to religious influence especially media and justice.
Jews are the most racist bunch of whiners in our society.
They use their religion as a stalking horse to elicit sympathy from human rights authorities and to influence the law and general public.
They’re a disaster and putting them unelected in charge of any one particular (CRTC and CBC) part of government is not acceptable.

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December 14, 2006

A deleted comment I made to this post at ‘The Canadian blog’.
Like my snail mail and email letters I make copies of my comments too. Sometimes I “burn” them, sometimes I don’t.

blanks said ..’Surely you don’t think this has all happened just since Stephen Harper took office especially since John Manley is named as being appointed by Paul Martin PM to the committee arranging this conspiracy with the help of the CCCE led by Thomas d’Aquino before Harper was in office ?’

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‘Broken Borders’

June 27, 2007
Dear member of parliament **,
According to News reports American authorities are “crashing our borders”, “firing their weapons” while “chasing criminal suspects” and not going to jail for breaking the law. Then we do have a breach of public security and public safety in this country.
Foreign agents allowed to carry firearms for the president’s security or air marshals should have to be accompanied by Canadian authorities.
We should not allow any authorities from foreign states to be armed in this country and those who do so illegally and crash through the border should face the severest penalties.
I can understand an exception for the presidents secret service and air marshals as long as they are monitored by armed Canadian authorities at all times while in Canadian jurisdiction.
This government is doing little for Canada and seems to care more about Americans than Canadians.
This government has had a year and a half and has accomplished little to nothing that isn’t the result of compromising with Quebec separatists.
This government passed a law making the Quebecois a nation which over seventy per cent of Canadians opposed while over ninety five per cent of the parliament supported. Turns out this vote was the result of a criminal act committed by the leader of the Bloc Quebecois and was not opposed rather watered down and forced to a vote by incompetence.
This government has since the accomplished nothing for this country the work has been a waist of time. Fortunately the reduction of the GST was committed to before the treason occurred.
There is no legitimate opposition to the present government as all parties did support by ninety five per cent the illegal vote to make the Quebecois a nation.
Why is it you do not understand that the law was broken and your mandate was ended at that point?
Now you want to let more foreigners in to this country carrying arms?
Ripe for rebellion except the students are a to busy watching on the Internet to have noticed.
Truly disturbing, I understand this government supports the discriminating Catholic school funding with public taxes also.
No surprise that you can do little from a moral stand point and must give in to Paul Martins “same-sex marriage” law.
We should allow more one way trade from foreign country’s to swamp our own industries and put lots of Canadians out of work while we fail to enforce Canada revenue and labour law. Then you should vote yourselves another one hundred percent pay increase over ten years.

Sincerely yours,

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