Blanks says fire them all

Federal ministry of Labour employee’s that is;
Then decapitate their union and rehire some who can read.French or English as long as they can read both.Or you could kill official federal bilingualism which could be the real problem anyway. Both if you want the job done right. Then depose the metric system and dig up Pierre’s bones and burn them at Penatange.
Part III of the federal Labour code and ministry of Labour employee’s inability to read a one page definition of hours of work Is 002.
They could not read therefore enforce a simple one page definition which was, has been and still is my complaint to the federal ministry of Labour.
You don’t think I would forget do you ?
Perhaps you don’t think I can read as seems to be the case with some federal ministry of labour employee’s.
Perhaps Claudette Bradshaw m.p and Joe Fontana m.p. could vouch for the veracity of my exclusive rights and “un inclusive” exercise ?
Or is Jacques the only one I told about that.

I’m tired now I’ll try reading another paragraph tomorrow.

I don’t think labour law should require an Employer to give two weeks pay in lieu of notice or any notice if an employee is stealing from them or breaking the law while performing their required duties do you ?
Of course not, the employer should be able to fire on the spot instantly with no concern for notice or pay in lieu of.
Maybe you can understand how I feel when Employer’s steal from me and are helped contrary to existing labour law by the federal ministry of labour.
See my complaint to the federal ministry of Labour; “Blanks57″ v. Challenger Motor Freight Lines, Cambridge, Ontario and ‘Blanks57” v. Quick X Transportation,Toronto, Ontario, c. 2003.


January 27, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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