Dear * *
Should we spend 400 million dollars to bury Nova Scotia’s tar ponds and make them a future source of contamination for generation’s to come ?
Or call Honey Bee or the local Johny On The Spot pumper truck to pump this hazardous waste out into train cars for safe shipment to area prepared and remove h20 by evaporation.
Dispose of solid waist appropriately in appropriate hazardous waste dump or better build a proper disposal cracker/incinerator which shall not release any toxins into the environment and is useful for disposing of other waste of this kind which are presently being shipped to and “disposed” of in the ground.
I used to drive a truck and we hauled similarly contaminated material by truck to central Ontario from all over the province where we would dump it on the ground and a bulldozer did push dirt over top of it. Contaminated/ Hazardous waste “disposal”.
The federal government could require provinces to build their own contaminated/hazardous waste disposal which does not allow for the dumping of such into the ground or environment.Think of it as zero tolerance for poisoning water, air or earth.
Put some university educated to work and use the $400,000,000.00 to invent and build a zero emissions disposer of contaminated/hazardous waste.
I would think a special incinerator properly fit could do the job.
Then require one for each province or the the safe shipment to.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. I am not a scientist or inventor or doctor but from one year of college chemistry I know that you can do some pretty “crazy” stuff to “stuff” and turn “stuff” into really bad “stuff” or good “stuff” . The reverse could be true though one may need more than one year of college chemistry to work that out.
Certainly you should have access to doctors of chemistry, physics and engineering who know about building incinerators which can be constructed. I know that dirt will burn and oil goes up like a light.Surly in this day of “high tek” “everything” we can make something suitable for disposing of Canada’s contaminated/hazardous waste in a manner so that present and future generations will not have to suffer the consequences.

January 28, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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