Tobacco sales may cause "Global Warming"!

January 28, 2007
Dear * * * *
Some “experts” including Greenpeace have claimed glaciers in south America are receding without pointing out that some were expanding in the same area at the same time .
Canada’s Weather Network I have heard with my own ears promoting ” Global Warming” during mild weather while ignoring the colder days.
Real climate “experts” as opposed to biologists who study plant life say that temperatures and the weather we are experiencing is within seasonal averages across this country . Science fact.
Not higher than average temperatures or lower than average.
“The great famine” of the middle ages the cause which is attributed to climate change, “sudden” acceleration in temperatures followed by “sudden” deceleration in temperatures and that these are historical weather pattern occurrences.
A difficult area to research because there are only one hundred and fifty years of recorded temperatures and scientist’s have to use formula’s and hypothesis and projections to try and determine what is really happening to the environment.
The truth is not allot is happening to the overall temperature of the globe over the last hundred and fifty years.Regardless of the sceptics who charge on in blind rage.
There is apparently an “acceleration” of temperatures occurring right now which scientists say have been taking place for twenty years. The accepted fact that global temperature has increased by 0.66 degrees Celsius over the last century which includes most of this “twenty year acceleration ” should I hope point the “experts” to rational thought rather than the present day politicized panicky rhetoric of “Global Warming”.
Yours Truly,
*, Ontario, Canada

January 28, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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