Ministry’s that won’t do their job should cease to exist.

January 29, 2006
The federally regulated part of the trucking Industry which I work in is poorly regulated largely due to non enforced federal labour law.While an employee I have been threatened, lied too, cheated, abused, verbally abused, legally abused and slandered, defrauded, mistreated, asked to break the law, required to break the law, forced to break the law, maligned and robbed, and that’s just by my employer’s.Presently I find myself owed over eighty thousand dollars by employers and bankrupt largely because of these abuses which have stretched out over twenty years as a federally and provincially regulated Ontario truck driver with over a million logged miles of driving tractor – trailer and find myself in a condition of chronic illness caused by fatigue and unemployment which is directly attributable to some malice on the part of some employers and their employee’s who have lied.Apparently there is a new labour review which after reading one paragraph I have found seriously flawed.I would suggest the government throw this waste in to the garbage where it belongs.Then fire all employee’s of the federal ministry of Labour.Dispense with this ministry completely across the board.Start new by hiring employees who are able to read english as well as french and make it law that employers shall pay employees for all their work which is presently not the case in the federally regulated trucking Industry. Employers run wild with their fibs and tales of glory pay which are mostly lies and misrepresentations which are intended to attract employees to an Industry which finds a third of its workforce doing things other than driving a truck for a living.Trans X Transportation of Toronto Ontario is allegedly owned and operated by mafia.So is the Windsor – Detroit Ambassador Bridge allegedly. Perhaps Gugliano previous federal Liberal minister of public works may know some more about that ? He was allegedly in the mob I seem to recall hearing.Federal ministry of Labour is sufficiently flawed that it is counter to it’s reason or cause for existence the protection of labourers from malicious , criminal and incompetent employers.Not as it is presently a human rights potato wrapped in foil for politicians and/or civil servants to play with.The ministry of revenue does knowingly allow the criminal practise of tax evasion by certain in the trucking and taxi Industry’s in Canada in cooperation with the federal ministry of labour which does continue to permit employee’s to work as contractors contrary to some existing labour law.
Sincerely yours,
* *
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

January 29, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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