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Dear member of parliament *,
Looking for a “conservative right” in the province of Quebec to support your government is wrong because there is no “conservative right” in the province of Quebec and Ontario does have all the votes you need to make the difference your looking for.
I suggest that looking beyond Ontario before you have those votes would be a poor and even foolish course.
Now that “the Quebecois”m whoever they are, are now members of another nation and presumably not Canada.
I have heard that Quebec has not signed Canada’s constitution which should disqualify them from the federation both politically and financially.
Ontario combined with the support of western Canada should be enough support for your concerns.
I remember a large majority conservative government being won in Ontario by Mike Harris who promised and delivered on tax cuts at the same time as the federal government reduced Ontario’s support.
Maybe that means Ontario likes tax cuts while Quebec which is now a separate nation likes playing games with politicians.
Ontario doesn’t need the Quebecois neither do you.
In fact I’m considering having Gilles Duceppe charged by the RCMP with seditious libel for his offer to the prime minister, of state hood for Quebec.
Perhaps you could help and save me the time or expense by doing your job and asking the RCMP to look into the honourable Gilles Duceppe’s offer to the prime minister which caused the vote in parliament which did see a new nation created.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

January 30, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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