You let the B.Q. and " the Quebecois" win.

Dear *
You can make it up to Ontario,
by removing all references to climate, “climate-change” or Kyoto and
focus on cleaning air and pollution from the environment.
Do real things to clean up smog that hangs over Canada’s cities and make Industry including agriculture keep their waste out of the the ground and water system.
Don’t play “global warming” catch-up please.
This Globe has been warming for too long over thirteen hundred years and probably longer.
Remove “climate change” and “Global Warming” play time from the environment agenda entirely and do things the Kyoto accord does not do.
This Kyoto protocol should be dropped from Canada without another question or doubt about it.
This could be more easily achieved by wining a majority in the next federal election which should be ensured by lowering payroll taxes dramatically across the board (all income brackets)and place those taxes on corporations by increasing their income tax.
You would in effect be transferring the tax burden from the employee to employer in a way which should see the “working poor” paying much less income tax possibly as much as fifty per cent less if news reports are accurate in their reporting of tax disparity.
Income taxes are a business expense.By lowering those at the same time increasing corporate tax should not cost the treasury any funds or increase the burden on business.
Surplus tax dollars dollars should be by law returned to tax payers by paying down the federal debt or returned directly to tax payers.
Then the quarterly GST payment currently paid to welfare moms should be eliminated as a part of reducing the federal GST and because it is another unfair subsidy.
Sorry the national child day care system is broken and should be dropped as a public service like Kyoto and a few other things I know of.
The Bloc Quebecois are trampling over the rest of us with their continual demands for nationalism for Quebec possibly by use of seditious libel which is a criminal code offence.
This should not occur again without charges being laid against those who make such demands contrary to the law.
Do these things in lieu of possibly going to jail for allowing the Bloc Quebecois to put upon this country a demand which should have been met with criminal charges.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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.."this year is the warmest year in thirteen hundred years"… -science "News"

January 31, 2006
Dear *
A news report this morning said that “this year was the warmest year in thirteen hundred years”.I’m not sure how that is possible when we are only thirty one days into “this year” – 2007.
If 2006 was meant as the warmest year in thirteen hundred years then that would mean thirteen hundred and one year’s ago, 705, was a warmer year than “this year”.
“Global Warming” may be more than a nifty catch phrase used by some politicians, it may also be a historical fact which is unknown to the average tax payer or voter who may not take the time to study environmental science or climatology in their spare time.
Is the hype of “Global Warming” just that and some Canadian politicians have signed us onto a Kyoto protocol without considering the costs to the taxpayers.
Science hasn’t mentioned a famine which occurred in North America as a part of “the great depression” of the 1930’s. I recall hearing years ago when I was a child of a “dust bowl” or “the dust bowl” when hearing talk about “the great depression” . Was this the worst famine in European culture since “the great famine” of the middle ages ?
“Science” has been known to be wrong in some cases.
When “science” is really no science at all.
“Evolution” being one example of a theory most Canadian “science” has accepted as fact and is taught in some publicly funded schools as a fact rather than as a theory.
Science that you hear may not always be science if it leaves out facts.
Such as thirteen hundred and one years ago was a warmer year than “this year”. Which is being touted as the warmest on record and is if the records are only checked for the last thirteen hundred years .
Don’t believe the “science” because they also teach that man evolved from monkey’s which actually has no basis in science whatsoever and is only a theory.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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