$U.S. 1.8 billion for four C-17s ?

‘House and Senate conference committee yesterday approved a $447 billion fiscal 2007 Pentagon budget bill, which included $2.1 billion for 10 C-17s, Republican Sen. Jim Talent of Missouri said. That is seven planes more than either chamber approved in its own version of the funding bill. ‘
Blanks’ wants to know –
How can it cost the U.S. government 210 million dollars for a C -17 and Canada pays over 450 million for the same plane.
Which we could build ourselves for half the cost to the U.S. governement or about 100 million dollars each retail .
Please explain this to me Colonel Sanders
3.4 – 1.3 billion in support and equipment = 2.1 billion $
/ 4 = 525 million Can. dollars each.
minus exchange @ 15% = 525 .o x 15% = over 450 million dollars each = 1.8 billion dollars U.S. for 4 C-17s or double the cost to the U.S. governement for the same aircraft, should =
no more “popcorn chicken” for someone this year.

Uppity date;
I hear they are aquiring some buildings for these planes which may explain the additional cost if that cost is actually included in the 3.4 billion and not an extra expense.


February 1, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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