"90% certainly" could be 10% wrong for certain

‘I don’t know if the prime minister has even read the Kyoto Protocol.’ —Liberal environment critic David McGuinty.

Maybe the PM should read the News instead.

February 03, 2006
Dear David McGuinty m.p.,
I know that the previous government spent billions of tax dollars on this already and without coming close to meeting their agreed targets in the agreement which they have signed.
Is that because someone didn’t read the agreement before signing Canada on to this International treaty and weren’t aware these targets were a requirement of signing ?
Or are these targets voluntary and we spend billions of public tax dollars on a voluntary (when we feel like it) basis, making the agreement a farce which you are using to drum up support for further public tax spending ?
Should the prime minister need to read something that Stephane Dion m.p. was responsible for making law before he read it himself ?
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada.

Mr *;

Thank you for your recent emails. As Mr. McGuinty is the newly appointed Environment Critic for the Official Opposition, I will ensure that your comments and the information you have provided is brought to his attention.

____________________________Ivy-Lea Lunau
Office of David McGuinty, M.P.
Ottawa South


February 3, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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